11-14-09 Saturday (Expensive Circus)

My dad asked for my help in his garden.  It was a trim this, trim that type of plan.  I arrived (Jim spent the afternoon with his grandmother), we visited a little bit and then went to Lowe’s for some supplies.  We spent way too long in Lowe’s looking at Christmas stuff, cabinet hardware and counter tops.  We never even got the gardening supplies.  My dad suggested stopping at Mario’s, an Italian deli, for lunch supplies.  Some cold cuts, breads and salads later, we were back at his house eating.  We “rescheduled” the projects for tomorrow.  I needed to get home for dinner plans.

We met Carl & Tim at Osaka’s, a Japanese Steak House.  It’s a brand new building at a new location that Jim and I have never been to.  We like the food, but not the prices.  Unfortunately, their prices have went up since they moved to their new location.  $21 for 4oz of filet and 4oz of chicken (what I had) seems steep.  Oddly, we all still giggle at the same jokes.  Yeah, the chef will fling shrimp tails into his hat, or create an onion volcano and other comical feats.  I guess there’s only so many jokes to be made about an egg.  It’s like a circus for food.

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After dinner, the 4 of us went over to Fort Myers beach.  We walked the pier and the strip, stopped for some Dairy Queen and people watched.  I have no pictures because it was too dark. 

The odd thing about the beach is that we’re less than a 1/2 hour away from it.  Jim and I both dislike hanging out in the sun.  Jim is fair skinned and I’m quite olive skinned but I still hate roasting.  We both hate the sand too.  So, in the over 20 years I’ve lived here, I’ve probably been to the beach 10 times, and of that 10, none of the visits entailed “laying out”.  Jim and I need to get out and get some sunset photos though.  We Floridians sure do get some gorgeous sunsets.

Maybe I should finish the story of what we did.  From the beach we went to Target.  Tim wanted some new cups.  We all love Target so of course we had to browse electronics and the Christmas section.

*I’m trying to catch up on the weekends events so be sure to check out the entries above and below.*


  1. Love all the Christmas shopping going on... well, perusing anyway. The Christmas stuff came out pretty early this year but I love it!

    I love how much you and Jim help out your family members. It's really awesome to be so connected!

  2. So did your chef make the little onion volcano erupt for you boys? Did it dazzle and amaze?

  3. Thanks Liz. I love looking at Christmas stuff.

    Alix: Yes, he did make a volcano. We pretty much talked while he put on "his show".

  4. Liz, I am going to both miss and enjoy that when we move. Does that make sense?


  5. I love Japanese Hibachi. yes, not cheap but you do get a full meal for the price


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