11-22-09 Sunday (Lunk Head)

We went to the gym today!  Yay!  I must say, it’s difficult to get past everything being yellow and purple inside.  Here’s some generic website photos:

image image image

Pictured below is the “Lunk Alarm”.  We haven’t witnessed it being sounded just yet.


It’s the judgment-free gym yet someone has to judge you in order to  sound the Lunk Alarm.  When I Googled “Lunk Alarm”, I found so many blogs, articles and news clips about this.  I must admit, it’s nice to be at a full sized gym again.  I think it will be worth every penny (fortunately few).

For all of our meals, we made good, lean choices.  Any snacking was done with low cal popcorn or yogurt.  The calorie count was pretty low.

Some day we’ll be lunks, and have to find a new gym… here’s hoping for such problems…


  1. Oh my eyes! My eyes! They're bleeding!

    Gotta give you credit for working out in a purple and yellow gym and not puking. And speaking of puking, you must be feeling better. Right? Oh happy day.

    I couldn't go on about celebrating my birthday if you were still under the weather, now could I? Thank you for recovering in time for me to enjoy my day.

    I am a bit concerned that your gift hasn't arrived yet. Maybe by FedEX. There's still time.

  2. I hope you're feeling better!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. @Alix: Damn, you should have gotten all of my gifts by 9am. The carrier was "FedUpExes". It was a lot cheaper but I should have known something was up when they said their motto was "If it ain't there by 9am, you ain't gittin' it."

    Just know it was a designer wig by Telly Savalas.

    Jim also helped me pick out a lovely assortment of non-stick pots and pans which set us back, 2 trailer lot payments! Damn!

    Maybe next year!

  4. Off to google lunk alarm... hmmmm...

  5. The lunk alarm is a very loud alarm that sounds when someone drops the barbells. It's very loud!!! How do I know this? I joined Planet Fitness last year and went about 20 times. That works out to $60 a visit in the past year. And I wonder why I'm broke.

  6. Joanie, I think you need a work out/dieting partner!


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