11-6-09 Thursday (A Food Critic)

What’s the essence of this blog?  It was originally meant to be a travel blog.  I’m not sure when it will cease to be that.  Right now, I can pass it off as such.  We’re not in a house, and may still travel if getting work takes us out of the country, right? 

The other side of the blog is humor, food, petty stuff, etc.  There’s tons of blogs out there that take ONE topic, and write an essay about it.  An entry dedicated to jealousy, a trip, a day at the office, a political rant, or such just isn’t me.  Maybe I don’t know how, maybe I just don’t want to.  I’m not sure – I never really thought about it.  I’m envious of others writing skills.  Their ability to blog about a topic and stay focused.  Their words are organized.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m all over the place.

I pissed off a reader yesterday about my WIC check comment.  I touched a nerve.  I explained in yesterday’s comments what I don’t like about WIC and foodstamps and other such programs.  You can go look, I’m not gonna dredge it up again.  I just want to remind you all that I’m sure I cross the line on lots of stuff.  Fat people.  Ugly people.  Terrible fashion sense.  I shop at Walmart, a place a few of my readers despise for what “they’ve done to this country and it’s workers”.  Poor white trailer trash.  I’ve also poked fun at myself.  Stretchy pants and all.  It’s humor to me.  Life is too short to pity everyone.

For those that know me personally, accuse me of suffering from indecisive opinion.  I take a side, then I make excuses for the other side.  Maybe it’s because of this or that, I think to myself.  I change sides.  I do it again and again.  That’s what’s happening with my comment about WIC yesterday.  Maybe I should have explained myself?  Maybe these people should stop reproducing?  Maybe that’s what we pay taxes for?  Maybe both parents work and are severely underpaid?  Maybe that’s what makes America, America?  Maybe my frustration was the amount of time it took the cashier to figure it out?  Maybe this, maybe that.

I struck a nerve with my reader and then he/she struck one with me.

“…Maybe they should just drive around in RV's and party instead of serving our country and having kids they can't afford. Just saying…”

Well, at the time it struck a nerve, now it’s humorous.  It’s human nature and surely my nature to have something good but still bitch about it.  I make light of it all the time.  “TGIF”, “I hate getting up so early (9am)”, “Let me check my calendar.”  I make jokes about it.  Some jokes say “I love my life” and others say “I’m bored” or “I’m running out of money” or whatever.  Fact of the matter is that I don’t apologize that we sold our dream home, lost our jobs and took to the road in a life of leisure.  There’s good and bad to it.  Then there’s those that may never have a “dream home” or a job or an RV or ?  Again, it’s that whole pity thing.  I think I’ll switch subjects now.  The more I type the more I debate with myself about what I’m trying to say.

Jim went to lunch with ex-coworker, Sandra.  I stayed home and slaved over laundry and the blog.  Pity me, pity me.

I gave a ride to a neighbor RVer, Ralph, to a repair shop to pick up his vehicle.

Jim made an awesome beef stew in the crockpot.  We brought it over to Grandma’s, ate dinner and played Phase 10.

I got another job lead here in Fort Myers so tomorrow I’ll be making contact.  Like with aliens, but not.

Now for some photos of the day:

2009-11-04 01Above: Ingenious way to hide the propane tanks.  I know, you’re thinking what tanks.  It works that well.  Look closely again.  So clever.

 2009-11-04 02Above:  She’s tired.


Below: Jim has pumps gas.2009-11-04 03 2009-11-04 04 2009-11-04 05


  1. Hey! Loved your rant about WIC! I perfer blogs that are all over the place anyways... it makes it interesting. :)
    BTW... we shop at Wal-Mart too.... and heard the whole... don't shop at Wal-Mart speech too..... lol!

  2. Thanks Todd. Comments are alarmingly sparse on this entry too. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. LOL.

  3. Keep writing - you are hilarious!!! The writer complaining was the one who was inane. It is your blog - not hers. And you are funny!!!

  4. Garret, you're as entitled to your opinion (and your snark) as the next person. It's part of what makes your blog so much fun to read. Clearly, your dialogue yesterday in the comments shows your heart; this is how people learn from each other. I think you explained your perspective well, and I think the other person learned that you're not an evil thickhead. So, good for you--and good for Good Cook as well. I hope he stays with the blog--he'll be missing out otherwise!

  5. Okay - long time lurker here and I finally HAVE to comment. I love you blog with all it's varying comments and thoughts. The other day I stood behind a very well dressed lady using WIC. She also had a professional hair style and cut and beautiful manicured nails. You know what those nails cost? She could have bought eggs, milk and cereal for a month instead of getting her nails done.

    That is my rant! Keep up the blog!

  6. Lori Anne, thanks so much. It's REALLY cool when a lurker comes out for a moment!

  7. Bill & Mark, NJNovember 6, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    Garret... I LOVE reading your posts everyday! You're entertaining, witty and got a great smart-ass attitude writing style that I honestly admire. So what's wrong when you call out someone who is doing something, let's just say, none of us would ever do. Yes, I can pity some people, but others are over the top and deserve all the bad press they get.

    I go crazy with all the full sized SUV's with handicapped parking permits. Let's see, you need to park in front of the store since you can't walk too well? Damn you climb in and out of the Escalade really well! I nearly got decked by a guy I confronted because he walked perfectly as he got out of his Ford 450 Super Duty truck parked in a handicapped parking space. Gee...now I'm ranting.

    i just want to say thanks for being you and keep up the GREAT work!

  8. Thanks! I think about that handicap thing all the time. I know some who had a sticker but only used it on a bad day. There's others that abuse it.

  9. Garret, you are wildly entertaining!! I'm so glad we're blog stalking each other now.

    Your posts about SC (my state) are freakin' hilarious.

    I so want to live in an RV and drive around with my half boyfriend. This is you completing me lol.

  10. I'll bet you'd be serving our country if it weren't for that pesky "don't ask, don't tell" thing going on. :::Sigh::: Anyway, it's a shame that Good Cook isn't in our little corner of paradise here, (or at least I assume they aren't). They seem like someone who could handle one of our gatherings when we have endless debates about cleaning broken glass in front of your mailbox, or WIC or whatever the social topic du jour. I think both of you have valid points, and I know for a fact that there are many families with WIC and foodstamp benefits who need them, and more; but, you and I both know of situations where the benefit provided exceeds the need, or is so obviously abused. The folks who know how to play the system are those we are irritated by. Our service people, and those who truly need the assistance until their situations improve are who the programs were intended to help. Good debate, good points. As for traveling in an RV partying like fools....yeah, you're doing it right. :o)

  11. @Pearlish: Thanks Pearl. As far as debating, we'll just have to keep you and Mike separated on that issue.

    @Chef Green: Thanks for coming here. I was afraid that if we had a blogosphere holocaust or something, we'd need certain people to rebuild it. We may have lost the Good Cook but have now gained Chef Green. If you've read a lot of the blog, you'll know food is just so damn important.

    All in all though, I still hope the Good Cook is lurking.

  12. Garret - See all your love and support? You are a rock star, man. People like you... they really really like you. I'm going to start calling you Sally Field, they like you so friggen much.

    But you were the consummate gentleman the way you handled the offended blogger. She is entitled to her opinions, certainly, but she didn't need to vomit all over you the way she did. She could have emailed you privately, right? The more I re-read her comments, the more I realized she was doing exactly to you what she was accusing you of doing - judging! Hypocritical much?

    Anyway - you are amazing and I love you and I love your blog. Never stop doing what you're doing or the way you do it. We expect your snarky best always. It keeps us happy. XO

  13. They like me, they really, really like me.

    Thanks Alix.

    Still no insult.

    I'm waiting.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I am totally with you on the whole WIC mentality. As a country, we have coddled our poor so thoroughly that they don't even need to ever work in earn their own money. You have Section 8 housing, WIC, HEAP, Food stamps, EBT cards, free cell phones, medicaid (FREE HEALTCARE?!) and on and on and on.

    I mean... free freakin health care, free cell phone, free housing and free food? Why the heck would anyone want to work if they were receiving all that?!

    The entitlements (they really call it that!) are what's wrong with America. Our taxes would be so much lower if everyone pitched in their fair share and didn't rely on the government (AKA-taxpayers) for everything.

    Bitter... party of 2! LOL!

  16. Wow, an oldie post you stumbled on D0N unless of course you Googled "bitter about WIC"


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