11-23-09 Monday (Ah, Forget It)

We started the day with our usual new gym routine.  We did chest/back, core and then cardio. 

image image We’ve been eating those breakfast sandwiches everyday since August.  Sometimes we’ll have them on a lite english muffin or on a sandwich round.  Oddly, we haven’t tired of them.  I have since cut out the milk.  Unnecessary calories.  The fat free milk didn’t really seem to do much to it.  Maybe it was fluffier?  I have tried the Morningstar Farms veggie bacon.  We didn’t care for it.  It reminded us of dog treats - Beggin Strips.  The smell and look you idiot.  We never tasted them… that I’ll ever admit.  Anyway, I’ve also cut down on the amount of cheese I use.   Remember, they’re under 266 calories and delicious. 

I’m a geek so I took some photos of my creation.

My ingredient list:

2009-11-22 04

Above: If you like ‘em, you can get them in bulk size packaging at Costco or the like.

2009-11-22 05

Above: Large Egg Beaters container.  Try the flavored cheese and chives or southwestern too.

2009-11-22 06

Above: 2% milk!  We’ve experimented with some other cheeses but the Pepperjack just gives it the best flavor.

2009-11-22 02

Above: Large Egg Beaters container.  Try the flavored cheese and chives or southwestern too.  I pour it into a greased (Pam) 9X12.  I then lay the cheese in strips on top of the egg which kinda float.  Then I put the sausage on top and carefully place in the oven at a temp of

2009-11-22 03


2009-11-22 01


2009-11-22 07

Above/Below: It comes out puffy but as it cools, it will deflate.

2009-11-22 08

Below: When it’s cooled, I cut them into squares and freeze some.  We toast our english muffins and nuke the refrigerated egg stuff for 2 minutes.  From frozen, not sure.

2009-11-22 09

Yes, I suppose that was a product of boredom.  Thanks for asking.

We’re kind of a prisoner here for the afternoon.  Jim has a phone interview for 4:30pm.  By the time we came back from the gym, showered and ate lunch, another lead called and scheduled a phone interview for 3:30pm.  I offered to go grocery shopping myself but I got the whiny “Nooooooooo”.  I guess he wants to get out of the RV too.

So I sit here, blogging, reading blogs, devising a way to take over the world and doing laundry.

OK, Jim had his 2 phone interviews.  How’d they go?  Yeah, a common question after an interview right.  He says good.  The 1st one seemed more promising than the second.

Dinner was delicious.  We ate veggie burgers.  This time, I put 2 on 1 bun to eliminate a roll.  I had corn and baked beans.  Jim had corn and tater tots.  Eventually I’ll find the strength to resist having 2 veggie burgers or eliminating both rolls.

I have a computer pop-up reminder program that is wonderful.  It reminds me to take my cholesterol meds, things I have planned, birthdays, anniversaries or anything else I want it to remember on my behalf.  Twice in a 2 week period I have acknowledged the “take cholesterol meds” alarm but couldn’t remember if I actually took them.  For 68 cents, I now have a daily pill box thingy. 


Excuse me while I go read my AARP, fill my pill box, and check the local bingo schedule.


  1. I have those pill boxes, and John has one also. It's good way for me to sneakily check if John's taking his meds. (he's terrible about remembering his meds)

    Cut it out about AARP. You aren't eligible for another 10 years!

    The only mail I'd forward to my ex were offers from AARP. All the bills and stuff, I'd throw out. (he was freaked about getting older, so I felt the need to remind him from time to time)

  2. AARP? Hey, I KNOW you are not old enough for that! I am, but you are not! Hey again, I did not get old on purpose. It just happened. Maybe if you are lucky it will happen to you too.
    Ken from Tampa

  3. We tried those sausage patties. Very good!

  4. Wow, people sure do get protective over their AARP. :-)

    @Alix: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no.

    @Wayne: Yay feedback!

  5. I received my first invitation to AARP when I was 49 - boy, was I insulted! Now 95 years later, I appreciate it, sometimes.

    Hmmmm - I might have to at least try those sausage patties.....

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Mom L: Try the veggie burgers too. So many flavors. Think of them as a meat - like something different than the usual chicken, pork, beef, etc. They are delish!

  7. I agree, Morning Star patties are so good. I bought the crumbles yesterday and put them in a hot dish. Try buying "Silk" brand Soy Milk; I love the taste, and so good for you.

  8. Catsy, what do you do with the soy milk? Cereal, drink a plain glass, cook with it? Some examples please.

  9. Hi Jim and Garret, I have just spent two weeks reading your entire blog and I love it. I am now a confirmed, card carrying addict. I will now be a permanent fixture here. All the way from Johannesburg, South Africa.

  10. Charleen thanks! I was touched by the comment and read it outloud to Jim who said "sorry we've not been much excitement [lately]."

    So Charleen, how'd ya find us?

  11. Eww breakfast! For some reason, I don't like any breakfast foods other than cereal and oatmeal.
    Gym routine sounds too tough, but I do miss my yoga routine.

  12. I might actually have to try your breakfast sammies.

    And... what's the magnets and writing on your fridge in that last pic? I'm torn between a social schedule and a menu... or it's that plan you came up with to take over the world...

  13. Well, for such an old senior citizen you look FANTASTIC! I like those sandwiches...and...I secretly think Beggin Strips look and smell yummy.

  14. The magnets, well one is from my deceased gay uncle who died while I was here at the beginning of the year. While my mom and aunt were cleaning out his condo, they gave it to me, the last known surviving gay family member.

    The wipe erase board is our dinner menu and grocery list.

  15. Hi guys,
    I found you when you and Alix were havinga back and forward comment moment on Chef Greens site, and by the way Jim your bog is interesting.

  16. Charleen awesome! Oh and Alix and I have a lot of back and forth comment moments. ;-)


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