11-25-09 Wednesday (Naked RV Searches)

Sore-whinny guy here.  The pain has changed.  Now it’s “unpleasant” to lift my arm above my head.  I know so many of you are volunteering to “put me down” and end my misery.  Thank you so much for that support.  True friends.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  It’s divide and conquer day for Jim and I.  I have lunch at my cousin Carissa’s house with my family.  Jim has lunch with his father’s side and then dinner with his mother’s side. 

image Above: Allegedly this can be done by making a bikini with foil.

It’s been rainy all day.  It’s odd for Florida.  When it does rain, it happens, it’s over, the sun is out, the end.  Today’s rain reminds me of New York.  In New York, if it even sprinkled a little in the morning, the rest of the day was shot.  Overcast and gloomy all day.  It does make for a cool, damp, wanna have hot chocolate type of day.  I’ve glanced out at the new awning, noted it’s peculiar yet necessary angle and know that all is right with the world – sorta.

And this just in… literally.  In my email was a guest survey from the Toy and Action Figure Museum.   What’s dumb is that we visited that place in June and they’re just now concerned about my visit?

guest  Above: Screen shot of the email from the Toy and Action Figure Museum as received “2 minutes ago”.

Since I’m feeling in a screen shot, humorous sorta way, I’d like to preface the next “screen shot” with an explanation of Google Analytics.  It’s a program that runs on the blog which tracks visitors by keywords they used to find me, someone’s region, what web browser they used, etc.  It’s more interesting than useful for me.  The funniest thing is seeing the list of keywords that people searched for which led them to our blog.  Take a peek:

keywords 1 Above: Google Analytics.  This is for 10-25-09 to 11-24-09!

1 year Above: Google Analytics.  A one year period from Google Analytics. 

Lots of nude keywords going on there.  Perverts!  Look at #11.  RV Zombies.  Who searched the internet 9 times, or 9 different people searched “RV Zombies”?  Maybe it’s a band?  Is it troubling that 14 people “want an elephant for christmas”?  Oy.

With all the rain today, I spotted drips of water all across the underside of the awning.  I’m not happy.  Jim placed a call to the RV repair guy.   It looks like the seam is faulty.  I won’t accept caulking on a new awning. Jim left a message with the guy’s wife (he wasn’t available) explaining that if he’d like to see the problem while it’s raining, to stop by.  I don’t think we need to climb up on the roof with a hose and demonstrate.  It’s already after 8pm by the time I got to typing this so it’s unlikely that he’ll be by tonight.

IMG_0002  Above: You can see the droplets of water as captured by the flash.  This runs from one end of the awning to the other.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Turkey - Sesame Street


  1. Droplets of water as captured by the flash?

    Also good for basting turkeys, adding to stuffing and making steam for squash and onions.

    Yet, whine you do. Expertly, I might add.

    Happt Thanksgiving Jim and Garret. Glad you're not coming here, but have a good time anyway. K?

  2. You are NOT glad we're not coming for Thanksgiving... unless of course you're worried we might over-eat.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Derek, John and Prince


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