11-17-09 Tuesday (The Clapper)

image Jim and I spent a better part of the day searching/applying for jobs. I updated my account on monster.com. I was already online with careerbuilder.com and automotivenews.com. Any other suggestions? Some of these sites involve so much information. Does my prospective employer need to know my favorite food? No, that’s not a question, but you get my drift. I guess being shrouded in a cloud of secrecy isn’t a good career move? Daily, I get job updates of newly posted positions from each website.

image My used to be Alltel but now Verizon internet air card has been going up and down lately. The card runs through a router so that Jim and I can share the connection from our own laptops. The card doesn’t fit into my laptop and causes Jim’s to crash so we’ll need to bring it to his grandmother’s laptop to get any updates for it which will likely solve the connection issues. Verizon support offered to let us upgrade to the newest device (USB instead of our PCMCIA) several months early before the contract runs out if we’ll sign another 2 year contract. We’re holding off on that solution. Once we’re settled somewhere, we may drop mobile internet and just get our cable internet or DSL back. Oh, boring technical details, huh? Sorry, I fell asleep while typing that.

image We’re back. Oh, so you didn’t even know I was gone? I see how you were. Jim suggested dinner and a movie. He redeemed some Diet Coke points on 2 free AMC movie and beverage passes. He redeemed Discover points on an Applebee’s gift card. Off to Applebee’s we went. You’re gonna love this – Jim can save on free. What I mean is, Applebee’s is in the same plaza as the theater and advertises a 15% discount when you present your movie stub. We had a stub from the previous movie (Paranormal Activity). We also chose meals off the 2 for $20 menu which includes an appetizer. Not bad, huh? We still have plenty left on the gift card for another meal.

At the time we didn’t know it but it was senior citizens day at the theater. For a Tuesday night, it was pretty full in the theater. Jim and I took our seats, I leaned over and said, “bowels”. He knew what I was referring to. The previews played. The old people sure do talk a lot, especially between each preview! Holy shit. They felt the need to render an opinion about the preview as well as comment on the actors. “Oh, he was in that other movie”. Oy. It was noisy. Maybe I never noticed in mixed or younger crowds but is this normal or only elderly as suspected?


As the previews played on, a funny movie trailer tickled Jim as he was drinking which caused him to spit soda on himself and me. Good thing I like him – I might have been pissed. We laughed so hard. Naturally, the movie started. Oh, we saw 2012.


OK, another thing. Toward the end, something good happens, the old people clapped. Is this normal? When you see/saw this movie, was there clapping? Good thing we weren’t in their homes, the lights would have blinked on and off like strobe lighting.


  1. AND THAT, my friend, is why Casa Hice refuses to go to the theater. We will not fork over the money they ask to sit in an auditorium with inconsiderate teenagers and blabbermouths and crying babies and the bowel people. Will not do it. Never again. The Concession Stand is a horror movie in itself. You can go broke taking a family of four. And if you even get to hear/watch the movie without being interrupted by conversations, cell phones, texting, giant hair or hats in front of you, etc. etc., the movie is probably going to be terrible. No thank you. I'm all about NetFlix these days. Either rent or buy, but never ever go to the theater again.

    Thank you. My rant is over.


  2. What was the movie trailer that caused Jim to spit on you?

    Sometimes the ticket seller gives us senior discount. heheheh We never correct him. Why pay $10 when they are so generous as to give us $6.50 tickets?

    LMAO on the clapper reference! Good thing I wasn't drinking my coffee just then. I might have spit on you too!

  3. I'm with ya Alix but we like some movies in the theaters... especially sci-fi. It also helps to have free tickets and free drinks. I'm sure the profit margin is slim on movie tickets themselves. Figure theaters are busy on Fri-Sun is all? They make up for it at the concession stands. I LOVE Netflix too.

    Joanie: It's "Did You Hear About The Morgan's?" In the preview 3 people pass riding horses. Jim spit his soda out when Sarah Jessica is running behind her horse.

  4. We saw 2012 yesterday and really enjoyed it. Also saw the Sara Jessica Parker trailer....we laughed too, that was funny!

    We saw "Christmas Carol" at the IMAX in 3-D....it's a must see!

    In reference to Alix, we go to the movies (always a matinee) on average once or twice a week. Never had a problem noisy people, maybe a few cell phones, but the people seem tame. Maybe its good not to go at night. :o)

    MandCinPalmSprings (geezer country)

  5. MandC: It sounds weird to have someone say they enjoyed "2012". Taking it further:

    "I thoroughly enjoyed seeing people perish knowing the end of the world as we know it was happening before my eyes.

    I know what you meant but it's much more fun to distort your words.

  6. LOL @ "old people sure do talk a lot, especially between each preview". I am literally sitting here cracking up cause I can just picture it in my mind right now.

    Haven't seen that movie 2012. I've heard good and bad things about it. I saw Precious and loved it.

    Good luck with the job hunt!


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