11-20-09 Friday (Toilet Confessions)

OK, so I have a confession.  Since we’ve moved from Indian Creek RV Resort, we’ve stopped working out.  We held off on signing up with Planet Fitness for a couple of reasons.  One being we thought we had some good job leads and that we’d be outta here already.  Here being the RV park, the city of Fort Myers or the state of Florida, whichever.  The second reason, the expense.  Jim found an online deal for $25 signup, $20 a month for he and a guest (me), and a cancel fee of like $50.  Much better than the no commitment deal we checked into the other day.  The online deal seems worth it.  Isn’t good health always worth it?  The funny thing about all of this is he was able to do this online.  Almost lazily we signed up.  Ironic really.

I asked Jim what he wanted for lunch today.  His reply?  “Something lo-cal, delicious, and free.”  We didn’t get all of those but we did have a nice lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.

All day I’ve been hit with waves of nausea here and there.  I’ll be fine, then not, then fine again. 

Jim and I enjoy Yoplait Delights.  They’re a 100 calories, and very yummy.  There’s several flavors, our favorite is Chocolate Raspberry.

Yoplait Delights Chocolate Raspberry

I had a bunch of print at home $1 off coupons that expire today so we took a trip to Walmart to stock up on a bunch of them.

We stopped into the gym, and got a tour of the facilities.  Later when we got home, Jim asked if I wanted to go work out.  Having waves of nausea steered me toward no.

Later on, I took a late afternoon nap hoping to feel better.  It was hard to sleep, and an hour later I didn’t feel any better so I laid on the couch and watched TV.  Jim started dinner.  I wasn’t hungry.

It was strange.  I felt like I had to throw up.  Yes, here it goes.  Jim followed me around asking what was wrong, what I needed.  I started moaning.  I took my clothes off and laid on the bed thinking I’d just go to bed.  How could I?  I feel like I’m going to be ill.  I put lounge wear on.  The hot pink number with the feath – never mind.  I paced around the RV – which doesn’t take long.  I ran to the toilet.  Nothing.  I moaned some more.  Funny part… if there is one… I started to cry.  Tears.  Jim asked, “What’s wrong?”  I answered with a mumbled “I don’t know” and then threw up.  Jim held my hair stood by to offer tissues and water.  He stood as far away as possible – it was cute.  I’m amazed that I could feel icky all day and not throw up until the evening.  Wasn’t I just sick Sunday?  Ugh.

I stayed up longer watching TV, and a little after 10pm, a way of exhaustion took control.  Off to bed I went.


  1. Hope your feeling better now. I think it's all the diet food. Eat something fattening, it always makes me feel better!

  2. Not to make light of your illness, but this post was funny!

    I stopped working out too. Actually, make that I never started working out. Somehow I still have the body of an adonis. Hmmm.

    Maybe you're pregnant?

  3. @Jason: Pregnant? I'd be so damn wealthy. Could I deal with natural child birth. Would the baby come out my piss slit? Hell no! C-Section! Cocoa-butter and Mederma, my 2 friends to be.

  4. Poor baby! I HATE throwing up. At least the long lead in of not knowing if you're going to or not. I hope today is better!!! And, yeah, maybe you need some chocolate!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Visiting you from Jason's blog, hope you are feeling better now, it was a good little quote though that Jason put in his post to send us over here.

  6. @Mom L: Chocolate is good for everything except diarrhea. Then at that point, diarrhea and chocolate seem too similar.

    @TechnoBabe: Thanks. I about died when I saw Jason's quote.

  7. Gotta agree with Jason... you are sooooooo pregnant!!

  8. I hope you're feeling better Garret. :o)

  9. Excuse me.... you CRIED???!??! because you had a widdo tummy ache? That's funny. But not nearly as funny as Jim not holding your hair. LOL. You are one messed up dude.

    I suspected you weren't working out because the updates were conspicuously absent. A day without your cardio recap is like a day without sunshine. String a bunch of those together and well, it's a gloomy overcast fitness nightmare. I do love how you avoided any physical exertion in your quest for a gym. That's classic JAG, that right thur. I wonder what Norma would say to that?

    Hope you're feeling better today hon. The though of you in bed creeps me out.

  10. I love pink feather boas. I used to have one, until I cut it up to make a merkin. Long story. Anyway, enjoyed your post. Sorry to take pleasure in your story of misery. Okay, not really sorry, but just thought I'd sound all considerate for you. That didn't sound all considerate, did it? Well, I am. You'll just have to take my word for it cuz I always usually tell the truth.


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