11-26-09 Thursday (Leg or Thigh?)

turkey05 Happy Thanksgiving!  We got up early and out of the house way before noon.  Being a holiday, the gym was only open until noon, hence the rush.  We did our usual core and cardio. 

After the gym, Jim showered first and then swiftly departed to join his dad’s side of the family at Grandma’s.  I had some time to kill so I cleaned the house (RV).  There was a possibility that later while at Jim’s mom’s, his Aunt Marty may want to come by and see the RV.

arg-nice-turkey-dinner-b-url I went to my cousin, Carissa’s, for my family’s Thanksgiving.  Good, huge, spread too.  There was only 13 of us yet we had a huge turkey, a pork roast, and a giant spiral cut ham!  Side dishes?  Too many.  So much food and all so delicious.  4 desserts.  I, as usual, over ate. 

After 5 or 6 hours of family socializing, I met Jim at his second Thanksgiving meal of the day destination – his mom’s (Ann & Morgan).  I want to tell you that yesterday at the gym was leg day.  I tried not to over do my legs.  Legs are the shittiest part of the body to have sore.  It just plain sucks.  It finally caught up with me when I got out of the Jeep at Ann’s.  My legs hurt. 

image Above: Hip adduction and abduction machine has left a painful groin in it’s wake.

Enough bitching, I know.

 2009-11-26 08Above: 2 tables ready to go for the festivities.

 2009-11-26 12Above: Carissa & Josh (hosts) say the bird is ready to devour. 

 2009-11-26 13Above:  The Spread.

 2009-11-26 14Above: Carissa & me (Garret) with our Grandmother (Nanny).

2009-11-26 22Above: My mom (JoAnn) and Josh ride an quad!

For those of you who have been asking about my mom.  She’s got a lot of medical problems.  Fibromyalgia is her biggest enemy along with chronic abdominal pain.  Most days she’s in bed.  Mom had a good day today.  She had some pain and had to lay down for a while.  After some rest she hopped on the quad with Josh for a 2 minute ride (he went very slow).


  1. Josh is a hoot. JoAnn is adorable. And your Thanksgiving looked fantastic! Oh the yummy food! How could you NOT overeat?

    We missed you at Lisa's though, so I had to insult you and Jim in a nasty Dear So and So letter today {sheepish grin}. I didn't want leftover turkey anyway, so I'll probably eat crow.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Found you through Alix, and I just wanted to say how beautiful your mom is! What a darling lady!

  3. Hi Sharon! I hope you didn't follow directly behind Alix. The down-wind is certainly iffy. Thanks about my Mom!

    Alix, I'm heading over in a moment. Awwwwwww geez.

  4. I was planning to say the same thing as Sharon, but she beat me to it. I'll second it, though, your Mom is beautiful! I'm really sorry she suffers so from pain - I have chronic knee pain so I understand....

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Your mom looks like a fun gal! It's too bad she's having so many medical problems.

    That's what my hair looks like without hair color, which you'll see in about 2 months! Actually, I think mine is more white!

  6. I know I'm late, but happy Thanksgiving!
    It's wierd seeing leaves on the bushes on Thanksgiving. Yep! I'm a northern guy.


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