11-30-09 Monday (Conflicts)

Thanks to Facebook and reconnecting with friends, Jim started a part-time-temporary job at his friend Laura’s title company. It’s pretty exciting really. He’s been longing for something to keep him busy. Sure, family and friends volunteer to utilize him to clean, cut grass, repair this, repair that, but we all know that’s not fulfilling at all. Aside from making a wage, working is so much more sometimes. A perk of Jim working is me getting some alone time. AND at the end of today, maybe he’ll have some events to share with me – things I finally wasn’t at his side for.

Another side effect: Christmas music! Last year I barely listened to it. This year, so far when Christmas music has been on the radio, 95% of the time Jim has turned it off.


Making Sno-Cones

Other mundane tasks? Packing up meat. We stopped at Costco last night for steaks, chuck roasts, and pork tenderloins. I wrapped the duplicates up and put them in the freezer. Please, hold all applause and displays of excitement until the end of the blog entry. Thank you.

Warning: Computer Rant

I know I have many a reader who use Macs. I’m not against them, I’ve never used them. I just know they're expensive. I guess for something that doesn’t get a virus or “breakdown” it’s worth it. Sometimes I wonder if they are virus free because hackers don’t bother with them. OR because Macs aren’t used for anything important (that I know of). But on the PC side of things, think about how many of you and people you know have computer issues? Runs slow, crashes, spyware, virus’, etc. Today’s technology is tomorrow’s doorstop. Why do we consumers put up with this shit? My laptop was purchased before we hit the road. We bought an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (DV9700 or DV9910) for me. Larger screen, came with a remote control to watch movies. It’s the ENTERTAINMENT PC dammit. Irony? The speakers suck. Most of the time we could barely hear what we were watching. Then we’d watch something and half way through the computer would lock up (I think it overheated). Eventually after a lot of frustration we’d never use it as an Entertainment PC. Months ago the sound stopped working. I looked up the problem on the net. A lot of people seemed to be having that problem. I can get it working for a short time here and there. It’s too complex to explain really. Recently Jim has been looking up the extended warranty on it. He thinks that something we’ve paid for should work properly. Silly, isn’t he? He contacted HP to get proof of the warranty date so that he could pursue the extended warranty. Me? I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to part with it for a week to 3 weeks. I don’t want to figure out how to protect my documents and photos and links and settings and everything else.

HP emailed me. They’re wanting to help my problem. How nice. I explain. I explain in detail. With photos. They don’t get it. Try this, try that. I do. Last step: Reformat your computer and return it to factory specs. The infamous last step of every computer manufacturer. Bite me (I edited my original phrase, trust me). I’ll just bitch about it here. I ain’t doin’ it anytime soon. I also won’t buy HP anymore. Their product sucked out of the box to begin with. Even before sound issues we couldn’t watch a movie without problems. Maybe when my portable harddrive and desktop computer come out of storage. Does the support person really know anything or do they just search a database for problems and then insert the steps into our on-going messaging?

I’m just tired of software conflicting with each other. Hardware that fails. Support that sucks. I just want it work like it should. I wonder what those Amish people are up to these days?

End Computer Rant

I just vacuumed and mopped. Looks purdy, don’t it? My Swiffer Wet Jet stuff smells good too, right? C’mon, throw some compliments out there, would ya?

My Christmas music listening quest is going quite well. Below is one of my favorites. It’s a duet. Bing Crosby and David Bowie. The music actually starts at 1:44 if you’re impatient.

Jim is home from work. Wow, I haven’t said that in over a year! We went to the gym for chest, back, core, and cardio. We’ve taken showers and now I’m grilling a steak, steaming some fresh broccoli and doctoring up some left over mashed potatoes from Tim’s. They were quite good when I ate them at Tim’s but I prefer them smothered with gravy. Since I’m gravy-less AND it’s real bad for us, I’ve mashed in some minced garlic, some powered cheese flakes and then topped with a little real cheese and slid it into the oven. They came out delicious.

You may now do that applause thing. Thank you. Encore tomorrow.


  1. I could eat steak every single day of my life. I don't, but I wish I could. Your dinner sounds so yummy. Wish I could have had some!

    I have a Dell desk top. I like it. I had a problem with it. It crashed. Dell helped me to dump everything and started anew. It's like a brand new computer. And they helped me for the low low price of $40. Well worth the money!

  2. As you probably know, Pearl and I are on our second Toshiba laptops. There was nothing wrong with our previous ones, (except that the kids have destroyed them since getting them) we (I) wanted one with a bigger screen and a full keyboard. Income Tax time allowed us to do that. Now that we've become the iFamily we have been considering jumping ship and heading over to Macs. AJ bought a Macbook 3 yrs ago and hasn't had any problems with it. Kathryn is going to buy one with her student loan but that's not worth mentioning really because she's a go with the crowd type person and doesn't really know what the differences are anyway. Anyway, I'm starting to research a bit and I'll let you know what I come up with. Love you guys and it was great spending the Gay Thanksgiving with y'all.

  3. I have been a computer engineer for almost 20 years now. Always programmed for PC's, and always had to deal with same problems you mentioned. Most frustrating was after 8 hours of work, to come home and have to fight these same problems, just to read my email or surf the net. I finally broke down, bought a Mac for my home use about a year ago, and now I swear by it. It simply works! No hassles like those of a PC. It is very hard for me to imagine how a non-computer type person with all the potential problems that happen with a PC, can keep up with it.
    Ken from Tampa

  4. @Joanie: Ugh, I don't even want to be without my laptop right now.

    @Ken: I knew I'd get a reply from you!

    @WayTwisted: AJ is using the same Mac? One thing I forgot to mention is that it always seems like the Mac's live on without becoming doorstops.

  5. I married an IT guy so he keeps us up and running. I have a Dell desktop at work- soon to be an HP (it's on order, should be here in a week or so- the monitor came in ahead of everything else). I have a Dell laptop at home. I've had it over a year and had no issues that couldn't be easily fixed. The sucky speakers sucks- my Dell speakers are pretty good. I've watched Hulu and such on it with no issue.

    I don't care about PC vs Mas... as long as the thing works or as long as Jeff can fix it... it's all the same to me!

    And I looooove my Swiffer Wet Jet. I pulled it out after far too long this past weekend. I love the smell of the cleaner, too!

  6. Cacuuming and mopping sounds great, but I want to see a picture of your table cleaned off!
    I love your confusion with "their" and "they're".

  7. Catsy, their, they're and there. I'm usually so good with that! I had to fix 3-4! Oy!

  8. Garret, I feel your pain. Over the last 13 years we have bought 4 Dell desktops and one Dell laptop. The Dells were OK but the operating systems were SO frustrating. We currently have two old Dell desktops that are slow as Christmas (really never use them now).

    I bought a new loaded up HP laptop a year ago and when I got it, I was on the phone with computer support in India for THREE LONG HOURS and they couldn't help me. I think Vista didn't want to mesh with my AOL. Anyway, I sent the whole kit-n-kaboddle back the next day for my $3,000+ refund which was sent immediately.

    I then went out and bought a new Mac. WOW, it runs wonderfully although it does have a few small issues with AOL. I don't think I'll ever go back to a Windows operating system.


  9. Oh MarkandCraig: What about other programs aside from AOL? By the way, 2010 is calling and says to ditch AOL.

  10. Garret, I'm not a computer guru. I just use the computer to check and send email and surf the web and read blogs like yours. So, I'm sure about other programs.


  11. Thank you for providing me with the belly laugh when I read the comment that Macs aren't used for anything important. Perhaps you're not aware of the fact that the entire entertainment industry in Hollywood utilizes MacIntosh for their graphics and production of movies, et al. I, like you, used a PC as an educator for decades. Then my years of experience and wisdom caught on. I purchased a Mac five years ago, and then another so I would have both the desktop and lap model. I'll never go back, but then I only use Mac to design my website, edit all my photos, produce videos, and keep track of everything else in my life. Thanks for the entertainment. I do enjoy reading your site.

  12. OMG, Garret! I LOVE the Christmas music pie chart! Almost snorted black coffee out my nose on that one. So damn funny.

    And yes, your Swiffered floors look and smell delightful.

    Now, don't panic, but my Mac gave me trouble yesterday and has been acting up today. I've been attempting for THREE DAYS to do a Thanksgiving Smilebox for my blog, but somehow the Memory Stick from my SONY camera and the card reader for my laptop are arguing. I had to reboot my laptop about six hundred times, so the idea that Macs don't get viruses or act stupid? Not gonna comment. It's probably operator error anyway.

    PS: I hate/love technology.

  13. @GypsyLarry: Yeah I knew that Macs are very powerful. I love getting a Mac user "wound up". Years and years ago the same was for PC vs. Amiga (I think that's what it was called). Amiga was fantastic for graphics but PC users would never admit that. Thanks for reading Larry.

    @Alix: I'm not sure what's funnier. My pie chart or visualizing coffee coming out of improper orifices. I'm sure your Mac woes are user error.

    @All: I'd want to be able to use Microsoft Live Writer to post blogs since Google's bloggy posting engine sucks. Will it work? Does anyone use it on a Mac?

    What's the large model Mac called? Big Mac? ::Snort, snort::

  14. YAY for your man having a job!
    Pie chart: totaly hilarity.

    I'm impressed with your cooking skills! I'm so coming over for some healthy food. And to ransack your shack on wheels;)

    The duet was just. so. gay. Loved it. "A rumpa bump bump!"


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