11-1-09 Sunday (Rested Loaves)

It’s after Halloween so I guess we needed to rest.  We rested.  When we were done resting, we rested some more.  I played video games and surfed the Internet.  Jim applied for some jobs online.  We rested.  I did some laundry and cleaned the sink and toilet.  We rested.  Add in a few dog walks.  Excitement at it’s best.


After being tired of resting, we went to Ann & Morgan’s for a delicious home cooked meal.  Yum.

During the evening dog walk, as Dasher squatted to pinch a loaf, he got startled.  He stopped, sniffed this item below quickly and then resumed loaf pinching.


It was dark, the flash kinda caused a whitening effect.  It’s snake skin.   In case you wondered, Dasher finished his business.

I gotta go rest.


  1. When we were in Welaka last weekend walking the Johns Landing trails, we were almost two hours into our walk and nearing the end of the trails. We were ready to finish and were not being as observant as we are during most of our hike. That's exactly when I almost stepped on a small rattlesnake (either a pygmy or baby) that was sunning itself in the middle of the grassy/sandy trail. I saw it just in time, but it never moved. I thought it was dead. Larry threw a stone at it and it STILL didn't move. "See? Dead," says I. "You're wrong," says he. Larry threw another stone and woke mister rattlesnake up and he quickly slithered away.

    Stupid rattlesnake.

    At least YOUR rattlesnake shed his skin and had the good sense to move on.

    {Waving to Dasher}

  2. I used to have a pet snake. I loved when he shed his skin.
    What video games were you playing? Zelda?!

  3. OK, Alix just gave me the willies talking about stepping on a rattler! YUCK!!!

  4. That skin, all by itself, would've been enough to scare the ever loving crap outta me!!! Anything remotely reptile-ish sends me screaming in the opposite direction like a scared 5 year old, lol. Sad but true:-/

    Glad you were able to get a lot of that lovely four letter word that we sometimes don't get enough of called REST!!


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