11-6-09 Friday (Dead on Humor)

So while at Grandma’s last night, Jim went up into her attic to see what we had up there for Christmas stuff.  We have tons of Christmas decor.  Really.  Not all of it is in her attic; 90% is in storage.  We decided maybe we’d hang some lights outside or other tacky trailer trash decor.  A neighbor has a pink flamingo that moves it’s head and is wearing a Santa hat.  It’s cute. 


I think this is it.  $40 at Home Depot.  Holy shoosh!  Too rich for my blood.  This park sure has its share of lighted palm trees too.  Most of them are exactly the same.  I think some lighted palm tree vendor drove through here one day.  Either way, it’s interesting what people do to decorate their sites.  Bird feeders, sitting areas, fire pits, lights, and plants.  Usually people who stay in one spot for a while go to the extreme.  Some full time RVers carry plants with them.  We don’t because of the cats.

Jim got an email rejection form letter for the Las Vegas Wells Fargo position.  I’m glad it didn’t go on and on.  The quicker, the better.  He’s still looking at the same position but at lower levels.  Perhaps he can get into one of those and climb the ladder – or an elevator.  We’re disappointed.

Maybe I jinxed it. 


Last night, out of boredom I Mapquested Las Vegas to various cities of interest.



San Diego, CA


San Francisco, CA


Palm Springs, CA


Los Angeles, CA


Flagstaff, AZ


Phoenix, AZ


Bisbee, AZ


Grand Canyon, AZ


Bryce Canyon, UT


Zion, UT


Yellowstone, WY


Roswell, NM


Albuquerque, NM


A lot of those are doable even for a 3 day weekend.

We finished out our day with a date.  Dinner and a movie.  We used a 2 for 1 at Hungry Howie’s pizza buffet (I’m not sure why we go to buffets).  Next we used free movie ticket and drink vouchers at AMC theaters and saw “Zombieland”.  I liked it.  It was gross and humorous and mildly scary.  It reminded me of “Shaun of the Dead”.


  1. Las Vegas isn't ready for you and Jim. Consider it a blessing what with it being Sin City and all. Plus, you'd probably turn into alcoholics and lose your RV to gambling debts, and hang out with K-Fed. You don't need that bad Karma.

    I'm still holding out for Dallas. I'll see you way more if you relocate there - more than if you stay in Florida, probably.

    I am sorry for your disappointment though. That's the hard part when your friends are hoping for something wonderful and it doesn't catch just right. Don't fret too much about it, Garret. There are fabulous things waiting for you and Jim. Keep the faith. I love you.

    {So odd... All those paragraphs, and not ONE insult.}

  2. Thanks Alix. I keep rereading your comment. I'm bound to find the insult somewhere.

  3. You are too funny...lol@ tralier trash decor and pink flamingos. I miss Florida!! Good luck to you guys in trying to find your inner showgirls.

    Alix, you're so sweet! You're like the patron saint of bloggers, always near to spread some love. Aww...

  4. Hi, I came over from Casa Hice. If ever in Missouri, drop by our park. We have a camper with a pink flamingo on her site.....

  5. Thanks Kathy. Pink flamingos are delightfully tacky.

  6. Jeff saw Zombieland and really liked it. He keeps insisting I see it, too. Maybe on DVD. From what I hear, it's really funny but still pretty gorey and I don't do gore. So...

    And I love that flamingo!! Strange story- when Jeff and I got married, our closest friends and immediate family joined us for a long weekend in Gatlinburg. When we returned home, our front yard had been flamingo'ed! There were a good 20 little pink plastic flamingoes in our yard and one little man and wife (tux and veil) pair. Too cute! To this day, after 6 years of marriage, we still have no clue who flamingo'ed us!


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