5-25-10 Tuesday (I Do Vs. I Can’t)

It was a screwed up day today.  Perhaps as these topics are mentioned again, I will expand on them further.  For now, I’m just not in the mood to blog about it so you get the short version:

I went to my regular dentist.  I thought it was just for polishing left over from the deep cleaning.  She poked, prodded, and scraped and then polished.  At the end I was nice and sore once again.  The receptionist said she’d submit to insurance.  For what?  $148.  Good luck with that. 

Day 2 of trying to get a hold of the DC Marriage Bureau was finally a success in a way.  They are booked up for a civil wedding 8 weeks in advance.  I, yes I, missed that on the website.  No wedding.  Thank you in advance for your suggestions, I have already researched who else can perform the service and it get’s costly.  Jim and I will wait.  We’ve been together 11 years, a certificate isn’t needed to confirm it.

Back when we bought our TV, we agreed we’d eventually like a PlayStation3.  One, for my love of video games and two, for the BluRay.  Jim has been saving up our Discover cash-back points to get Sears Gift Cards.  The PS3 is $300.  We had $275 in gift cards so we only paid the difference of $25 plus the tax!  We ordered it online (Sears didn’t seem to have it in a nearby store) for $8 shipping and like 2 days later, here it is.  I did a rough setup of it, just putting cables anywhere for now.  I can’t believe it only comes with 1 controller.  $$$.

Weight Watchers update:

WW 5-25

Finishing off the food in the house, it’s a miracle I didn’t go over my points with my dinner.

DIH - Signs We had a Thanksgiving-ish meal with our new camp friends.  After lunch we toured a couple of other RVs.  Dinner with some friends at a legendary and haunted hotel.  Check it out here.


  1. I know you must be disappointed about the wedding ceremony having to be postponed, but I LOVE your attitude. Of course you don't need a certificate to confirm it. None of us do. But it's nice to have that option. I love being married and you will too.

    I continue to be so impressed with your WW vigor! It's cool to see what you eat every day. So far today, I've had a WW yogurt and slice of cantaloupe. After reading your food log, I think I'll go make me a turkey pita. With cheese, thankyouverymuch.

    That sausage will kill your points, though. Won't it. Even turkey sausage is high. But sometimes you just gotta have a little sausage. Know what I mean? {wink}

    Keep up the awesome work, Gar. When's your first weigh-in?

  2. I'm sorry about the wedding plans - but you're right, a piece of paper doesn't make your commitment less valid. This from a woman who's been divorced twice!!! I think that when you do finally get your timing together and have that wedding, it will all be worth while!

    Hugs to both of you,
    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Good luck in getting those wedding plans settled!


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