5-28-10 Friday (Cereal Racing)

There wasn’t much going on for today.  I could describe, in detail, how I washed down the kitchen counters.  I’ll spare you.  I did go to Walmart for like my 10th time this week (maybe not so much).  Out front I spotted:

Racing  Above: I never knew those little things were so fast.

Today is our 11th anniversary.  I wanted to make a special meal so I came up with steak.  I used every last bit of my points and then used .5 of my weekly and didn’t even get to have dessert!  Next time, I should have chicken (way less points) and that will leave plenty of room for dessert.

WW 5-28

Jim ate two of my Weight Watchers GIANT Mint Cones.  It took all I had not to eat any.  I had to settle on a 1 point english muffin.  Sometime I’ll need to pick up some 1 point fudgicle pops for just such an emergency.  I’m trying to hang on to my weekly points for Mike & Dave’s visit.

We watched a 1973 Sci-Fi classic, Soylant Green.  Interesting.

I will tell you that it’s definitely ahead of it’s time.


All that talk about Soylent Green – I’m hungry.

DIH - Clouds A cursing video.  Peeling skin off.  I give you a tour of the cats domain.  Anniversary celebrations.  Click here to see last year’s adventure.


  1. Congrats on your 11th anniversary!!!
    Ken from Tampa

  2. I'm cracking up at the Hamburger Helper Cheerios racing team idea... I get that, I guess, they are owned by the same company but what a WEIRD combination. "Hamburger Helper helped her hamburger helped her Cherrios lower her cholesterol!"


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