5-20-10 Thursday (Overages)

This morning started out like most days.  I ate oatmeal for breakfast.  Somewhere between breakfast and lunch, I decided to start the Weight Watchers program by tracking my foods.  It took a lot of time today for set up.  On most items I wanted to input the nutrition values and obtain points values rather than just pick from a list.  I just wanted more accuracy. I really liked their online tools.  I think they’re very powerful; I’m contemplating taking over the world with them. 

My daily allotment of points is 30.  I get an extra 35 for the week to use for overflow or special treats or whatever.  They don’t carry over to the next week so I won’t be able to get the rest on a Michael C. Fina Gift Certificate.  Go figure.

By the end of the day I used 36 points (30 daily points + 6 weekly).


I think I could have done better if I had started the diet in the morning.  I would have used fat free half and half which would have saved me 2 points.  I would have skipped or limited some of the meatballs I ate as a snack.  It’s OK though, tomorrow is a new day.

Some of the hunger I was having may have been because I’m dieting.  You know, the brain knows there’s a diet and is now hungrier knowing it can’t have this or that. 

Time to “reacquaint” ourselves with the gym.  It’s been over 3 weeks since we’ve gone.

DIH - RV We toured some caves today.  Amazing.  The gift shop had a book that fit our theme.  See it here.


  1. Good luck on your WW journey!

  2. Just popped in super quick to check on my Garret. You will get into a rhythm soon and will be making all kinds of substitutions that will save you tons of points here and there. Remember though... veggies and high fiber choices go much further points-wise and satisfaction-wise than fattier or high-carb choices. Think lean chicken and non-starchy veggies. WW makes lots of their own goodies too with added fiber for lower points values.

    Plus - I love sugar free popsicles and sugar free jello! Will check back in with you on Monday and we'll have a serious discussion on your amazing progress. Gotta run... on our way to our river place with Jodie and Ross!

    Love you! XO


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