5-30-10 Sunday (Safe Play With Chickens)

I washed the “new” thrift store purchases this morning.  Jim reorganized the master bedroom closet a little.  Basically he removed some ill-fitting clothes.

By the way, the “This Day In OUR History” segment I do at the bottom of my entries has a photo of Mike (of Mike & Dave) who will be here sometime later today.   That photo really shows mine and Mike’s typical fun-ness. 

I tried another smoothie today.  Jim and I both liked this one better than the chocolate-strawberry one I made the other day.  Jim says too “banana-ery” and wonders how strawberries would be in it. 


I heard from Mike and they’ll be here tomorrow evening.  In the meantime, just to get out of the house, we walked around the Northlake Mall.  Nothing real exciting.  Nearby the mall, we had dinner at “Fox and Hound” which is a regional restaurant chain.  I played it safe with the Jamaican Chicken: 


I ate half the rice. 

Jamaican Chicken

Jim had the Spinach Dip Melt:


Fox and Hound’s website doesn’t have nutritional values for my meal.  2 websites I used to research says:


That equated to 20 points!  There’s no way.  Chicken, white rice, black beans and broccoli.  I manually entered it in and came up with 14.5 points! 

Now I want to bitch about how I don’t trust the Weight Watchers point guide.   I look up 8 ounces of boneless, skinless chicken breasts = 7.5 points.  VERSUS I take and enter in nutritional value from a bag of boneless, skinless, Tyson chicken 8 ounces equals 5 points.  So I’m left wondering, “what the hell?”  This isn’t the only food this has happened with.  2.5 points is a lot on a 29 point diet.  Naturally each point becomes more crucial as the program reduces my intake.  Damn point thieves.

Makes You Cry

Now onto my numbers for the day:

WW 5-30 Above: I had 2 points leftover!


DIH - Flasher A year ago:  The highlights: Free food at a favorite restaurant chain.  We spoke with an astronaut.  Hanging out in a space capsule.  Mud puddles, although rare, were found.  Check it all out here.


  1. I have to wonder how they prepare the beans and what exactly is in the glaze on the chicken. I'm betting that's what has the high sodium, sugar, carbs, etc.

    Ha! The pic from last year is a hoot!!

    Smoothie suggestion- skip the canned fruit (blech) and use unsweetened frozen fruit instead. I do frozen strawberries, peach, mango with some plain kefir and honey.

  2. I'm sure the glaze has sugar in it but how much of the glaze is there? I should have requested it on the side which I know is a must for dieting. I accounted for teriyaki sauce in my points. Even if I was off, I hope the left over points made up for it.

    As far as the smoothies, good idea, I could even blend them frozen and skip the ice. At 4 points, it will have to be more of a treat than anything.


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