5-21-10 Friday (Wassup Chuck?)

First let me tell you about a few things I forgot about yesterday:

imageFriends Mike and Dave are planning to visit us!  We’re going to see them next weekend in Asheville for a couple of days!  Maybe we’ll see the Biltmore Gardens again.  Maybe we’ll just relax.  Whatever it is, I bet we’ll have a blast!  We’ll most likely see them Saturday and possibly Sunday depending on some plans with Mike’s Dad.

funny2My regular dentist of Esthetic Dental called to remind me of a follow-up cleaning appointment.  I told the woman about 2 root canals that would need to be permanently filled in and I added “I just want to be sure there’s no charge for that.”  The actual dentist, Dr. Kyle Taylor himself called back and said it was normally two—hundred-something less a discount he gives for teeth he just worked on leaving me to pay $145.00 per tooth.  He says he needs to put a post in, describing it as rebar for my tooth even though I’m not getting the crown right away.  I thought it was strange that he was a little defensive of the price.  He explained that he doesn’t have to do that, it’s just a courtesy.  That sentence put be in defense mode.  I didn’t say anything except thank him.  I’m very angry with the whole situation. 

imageI got my “Toilet Humor” collage framed.  Isn’t it lovely:

2010-05-21 004

imageJim and I got our anniversary date wrong.  Long story short, it’s May 28th, not June 28th.  Yeah, we feel dumb.  We’re not changing anything with the wedding date though.  No big deal.  Or is it?  Sigh.

Today’s events.  Nothing much really.  I did get over to Trader Joe’s for some wine.  It’s nick named “Two Buck Chuck” (named after the winery – Charles Shaw).  The sign in my store had the two crossed out and it’s now “Three Buck Chuck”.  I asked if the price had gone up and they said not for a long time but prices are cheaper on the west coast due to a messy divorce or something like that.

2010-05-21 007Above/Below: I bought an assortment.  Some for Mike & Dave’s visit, some for the DC trip.2010-05-21 006

I’ve just recently taken a liking to red wine.  Funny, during my typical blog research, I came across this MSNBC article.  I giggle, because that’s all me.  Cheap starter wine for me.

Weight Watcher’s update:


I earned some activity points doing the elliptical for 45 minutes.  Once daily points are used, followed by weekly points are exhausted, activity points can be swapped for more food points.  I plan to stay away from that happening.  It’s best to ignore the activity points. 

I don’t plan to share my status with you everyday.  For now, it’s exciting to me and something different occurred today.  Today I was careful. 

  • I saved 1 point by having Nance’s Sharp & Creamy Mustard on my sandwich rather than mayo.
  • I saved 2 points by switching to fat free half and half for my coffee.
  • For a snack, I chose an multigrain English muffin with light butter (I measured and even used less than the Tbsp) instead of 6 Triscuits.  Same points – more food.
  • Thanks to friend Jim Jordan, he gave me a list of 0 point foods which inspired me to Google and therefore found tons of suggestions from people who have been using Weight Watchers for years.

While we toured around our country, Jim’s mother held our rings for us.  The rings were loose fitting because of all the weight we had lost prior to our RVing adventure.  Now?  They fit.  Sad.  Anyway, she brought them with her to Asheville.  I missed my ring.  We bought them a few years ago while on a Caribbean cruise.  The stone is called Ammolite.   Jim and I saw and it immediately loved it.  Years ago, we tried to have it resized and found that some jewelers never heard of it.  That made it that much more fantastic to us. 

2010-05-21 003

Click here if you want to see a collage of Ammolite samples. 

DIH - Smokey Last year I bitched about TV.  I bitched about Chinese food.  I bitched about a movie.  Click here to read about the bitchin’.


  1. Cool rings! I never heard of ammolite either. When I have time, I'll have to check out the site you posted.

    Love the collage, even better since you had it framed!

    Again, the thing with the dentist... this is why I'm glad my dentist does his own root canals... one price fits all.

    Have a good weekend and keep up the good work on WW!!

  2. Very cool ring and love the toilet collage and yay for getting in control of food!

  3. I want to see the Weight Watchers Status everyday.

  4. I know Charles well. Maybe a bit too well.

    And ONLY YOU would have a toilet humor collage. That is hysterical! Please tell me you hang it in your living room or kitchen (not bathroom).

  5. @Joanie: Thanks!

    @Liz: Feel free to hang a copy of the collage in your home.

    @Tim: Maybe.

    @Jason: It's going into the RV's bathroom, :-)

  6. Long story short, you mixed up your anniversary date? I think I'd rather hear the long story... lol


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