5-27-10 Thursday (Rewarding?)

I totally understand the Weight Watcher’s weight-loss method, I do.  BUT when I weigh in and am told I lost 4.2 pounds they congratulate me by reducing my daily points to 29.  Like I said, I understand.  My reward is to lose more.  I will succeed.

Weigh In 

I commented to Deanna and Jim last night that I should have done a formal diet sooner.  I guess I just thought I’d do fine my just eating a little better.   Maybe it works for some people but for me, I think I need the guidelines, the rules.

Dasher had a vet appointment today.  It was time for 1 shot and close to needing others so we went ahead and did some a little early.  I don’t think he was happy with get needles to take blood, needles to give meds and a thermometer up his ass for his temp.  Poor guy… not the best of days for him.

I vacuumed today.  Maybe tomorrow if it strikes my fancy, I’ll mop.  I wasted about an hour playing on the PlayStation. 

Weight Watchers update:

WW 5-27 Above: I feel like I ate like a pig all day but I managed to stay within my DAILY points.  I gotta save those weekly points for when Mike & Dave visit.

DIH - Curved Road Uhhhh, we ate a lot today.  Click here to see the endless list of food.  We purchased rubber gloves for non-kinky activities.  Check it out!

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