5-24-10 Monday (Calculations)

While in Asheville with Jim’s Aunt Patty (from Beaufort, SC), she asked me if I’d take a bag of clothes to some people in Charlotte.  It was just a plastic grocery bag of baby clothes.  As strange a request that I thought it was, I couldn’t resist Aunt P’s southern charm.  Today I set the address in the GPS and away I went.  It was about a half hour each way.  I drove mostly through cruddy areas but then entered South park, a nice area of Charlotte.  The trees canopied the road and it was then that I decided I was happy to live here.  Beautiful.  Sure we have our share of run down areas but doesn’t everyone?  I pulled up to the condo, knocked on the door and gave the guy the bag.  Aunt P most likely called ahead as I requested.  The guy seemed pretty ungrateful about it.  He wasn’t rude but he certainly didn’t act as I think he should have.

My next stop was to check out the Weight Watchers meeting location.  I spoke with Alix of Casa Hice earlier today and compared Weight Watchers notes.  I spoke of my desire for a calculator or slider chart.  She said if the location is a regular store front, I should be able to “drop-in” even while a meeting is in progress for supplies.  I stopped by but they were closed.  It’s funny that they’re actually in the same plaza as our gym. 

On the way to the gym tonight, I stopped by the Weight Watchers location.  I asked to buy the slide rule but she said they don’t sell them.  They are for meeting attendees.  I offered $5 anyways but she said they were part of a kit.  I bought the $12 electronic calculator instead.  The online photos had me thinking it was large.  In actuality, it’s palm size which isn’t bad.

2010-05-24 004 2010-05-24 005

OK time for Weight Watchers updates, lessons, etc.

WW 5-24

First I want to tell you that I’m still working on eating food we had in the freezer which included pork chops that were purchased prior to this diet.  Each pork chop was sizeable at 11 oz which included some bone.  I was going to weigh the bone after and deduct it’s weight.  11 oz was going to be 12.5 points!  I’m happy to say that I left meat on the bone.  I was full.  I wanted to eat it.  It was really good.  It may have even whimpered.  I resisted.  I weighed what I didn’t eat.  Minus 4.6 oz.    My points went down and I was able to have dessert!  I ended the day with 1.5 points left over!  Yeah baby!

 2010-05-24 003 Above: 4.6 oz!

2010-05-24 006Above: Even though Jim is not on Weight Watchers, he loves the dessert.


2010-05-24 001Above: Try salsa on chicken or brown rice.  We got the idea from Peggy and Brenda.  They used peach salsa but with so many kinds available, there’s lots to try.  Trust me, it makes plain brown rice edible.  4 tablespoons = .5 points.  Worth it.

 2010-05-24 002 Above: This is the Nance’s I refer to a lot.  We use it on sandwiches and on fresh cooked broccoli.  Try it!  It’s hard to find though.  Out of 4 grocery stores here + Walmart, 1 carries it (Bloom). 

I wanted to mention a few things about what shows up on today’s food consumption. 

WW 5-24Above: That was an afternoon snack.  I figured, why not.  It sure hit the spot.

WW 5-24Above: Carrots?  .5 points?  Really?  After I finish the bag I probably won’t buy them anymore.  It’s pickles all the way!  or at least till I get tired of them.

WW 5-24 Above: We tried a different machine out tonight.  A Cybex Arctrainer.  It was Elliptical-ish and felt like a nice workout.  Woo-hoo!


I tried calling the DC Marriage bureau today.  After following prompts to speak to someone it would just ring and ring.  I let it ring like 20 times or something before I hung up.  This happened 3 times today.  I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.  I have a few questions for them.  

I spoke with Mike of Mike & Dave today and there has been a change of plans.  We won’t be seeing them in Asheville after all but rather they’ll come here to Charlotte.  It works out cheaper (no RV charge) for us and cheaper for them (no hotel).  They will also spend more time with us rather than just 1 day in Asheville.  We now have the weekend free too.

DIH - Columbia We shared a couple of meals with new friends.  We toured an old historic hotel.  Check it out here.


  1. Weight Watcher desserts are awesome!!

  2. Wow! Lots going on!!

    Harumph on the ungrateful dude. Hopefully he was kind to Aunt P.

    How does the calculator thing work? Does it have food stuff loaded in already?

    We have an Arctrainer at the gym and I like it a lot better than the Elliptical. Although, if I use the cardio stuff, I'm always on the treadmill these days!

    I looooove salsa. I use it on oodles of things. Chicken, pork chops, eggs, avocado.

    I'm betting there will be stories to tell once you finally get through to the Marriage Bureau...

  3. @Joanie M: Yes, and I believe I may have even moaned here and there. LOL.

    @Liz: This calculator doesn't have food loaded in. The $40 one may. I just wanted it for quick calcs in the stores. Surprisingly though, this cheap calc does allow a user to save their daily point allowance and then keep track of points deductions. When it's a new day, you'd press the ND button which would reset it back to full points.

  4. Proud of you Garret. Love how you're taking this bull by the horns! Just proves that the diet and fitness thing can be fun AND challenging, not just torture.

    Can't wait to hear your results for week one!

    Maybe the condo guy was offended that he was told to accept second hand baby stuff. You never know. People are weird about charity sometimes.

    Thanks again for the mention! XO


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