5-19-10 Wednesday (Toilet Humor)

There’s a big empty space in there across from the toilet.  On Saturday, prior to taking my mom to the airport, I decided to create some art for that empty space.    

Toilet Humor Above: Click the photo to enlarge.

I took all of the humorous photos from the trip, selected any photo that had to do with toilet humor and made a collage with it.  I took it a little further by inserting the city, state and date. I’ve printed it out and we taped it to the wall so that over the weekend I’d be able to decide on some changes.  Above is the final copy.  Last night I reprinted it.  Today I’ll look for a frame for it.

In unrelated to toilet humor news, I’ve joined Weight Watchers online today.  I found a coupon code online to get 3 months for $54.00.  I’ve read through their program.  I’m sure there’s stuff I’ll need to reread.  I bought a digital food scale in preparation. 

Rant Warning

The temperature in the house got hotter and hotter.  Eventually I discovered that even though the A/C was running, no air was coming from the vents.  At 9:35am, I called the property management company, Henderson Properties, got their answering machine.  I left my name, the property address and my phone number.  I turned off the A/C, showered and went to Walmart.  When I came back, I tried the A/C again.  It worked.  No call from the property management.  I left at 1:30 for a dentist appointment.  I got home at 5:30 and the house was hot.  No air flow again.  It seems like maybe it’s freezing up.  I called the maintenance emergency number (5:49) and left a message.  An hour later I got a call back.  The guy (tech on call?) said he may not be able to handle it until tomorrow.  I fussed about the whole experience.  He said he’d try to get someone out and would call me back.  As promised, he called me back and had dispatched a tech.  It was found that the freon was 3 pounds low.  He charged it.

Jim and I had dinner plans with Deanna that we had to cancel (rescheduled for next Wednesday) at the very last minute.  In a professional world, a call made in the morning should be returned by noon and an after noon call should be returned by business close.  It would seem that every time I have to deal with these people I have issues.  Henderson Properties sucks.  There.  I said it.

Let me tell you about my lovely 3 hour dentist ordeal.  Today was 3 hours!  Did I mention, 3 hours?  It was to finish up root canal on tooth #1.  I mentioned I was told that the canals were very long and narrow and would have to be widened to accommodate the permanent fillings (rubber fillings).  Being so narrow, being so twisty, being so long (deep), and being it’s me all created the 3 hour ordeal.  Luckily, no pain.  I still have to get this tooth filled by my regular dentist.  I also still need root canal #2 finished so stay tuned to that which is my dental woes.


Yes, that is really a picture of me.  The “sunglasses” are a splash shield.  I snapped the photo while the doctor was prepping something.  The assistant laughed.


DIH Animated I explain what’s so “charming” about the town.  Dasher has a run-in with an aggressive dog.   We toured tombstone.  It’s amazing how you can use a toilet to decorate your yard.  Interesting adventures.  Check them out here.


  1. The collage is priceless. LOVE reminiscing with all your toilet photos. The one with Jim on the pot with the newspaper and the one where he's wearing the toilet seat as a necklace are instant classics. So good to see them again.

    Root Canal! Oy! But you are super zexy in them thur shades. You make root canals cool man, cool.

  2. The collage is lovely. Masterful, even. Your dental woes make me cringe.

  3. Poor Jim, can't even take a sh#t without a camera suddenly appearing...but love the collage. Jim always is smiling in all your photos...even while on the can.
    Ken from Tampa

  4. LOVE the photo collage! Great idea - whoudathunk you took that many potty photos? wait. nevermind. :)

    Congrats on joining WW! I look forward to reading about your progress.

    I love that you took a pic of you in the chair. hilarious. :)

  5. Love the collage and I remember some of those photos.

    Boy, am I glad my dentist did root canals! Done in 2 visits, one time in 3 visits. And no pain. I love that dentist. Too bad I can't afford him now that I'm divorced.


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