5-29-10 Saturday (Pricey Entertainment)

Truth be known, I hate shopping for clothes so when the opportunity presents itself, I try to bail.  Jim wanted to go thrift store shopping but knew I wouldn’t so he invited his work-friend Beth.  They’ll go to lunch and then spend the day touching used icky clothing.  Don’t I make that sound appealing?  

Generally, there are a few people I don’t like to shop with.  It’s the type that has to pick up everything and examine it whether its something that’s even appropriate for them or not.  An example might be someone computer illiterate or who doesn’t even own a computer picking up a mouse and inspecting it.  Why?  I also have the ability to scan things quickly.  Jim?  No, he likes to look at everything carefully.  To some, that’s what “shopping” is all about.  What typically happens at Flea Markets, or other shopping venues is that I have to look at everything twice.  I get too far ahead. 

Jim came home with tons of clothes.  I should have taken a photo.  Shorts and shirts.  He did a great job.

While Jim was out shopping with Beth, I went to a couple of used video game stores.  It would seem as though the PS3 games retain their value much more than XBOX?  I saw “bargain bins” full of $9.99 or under games with game platforms other than PS3.  Needless to say, I came home and started eBay bidding. 

WW 5-29 Above: .5 points to spare.

After dinner we watched via Netflix, via the PlayStation, “Broken Hearts Club”.  It’s a gay romantic comedy featuring several big name actors.  Dean Cain and John Mahoney to name a couple.

Jim and I enjoyed this movie.  It wasn’t campy.  It was actually very funny.

DIH - Head We checked out a place with sands of snow.  We got shocked while doing so… several times.  The photos are beautiful.  Check ‘em out here.


  1. It has been years since I saw it but I really enjoyed Broken Hearts Club!

    I'm soooo not a clothes shopper, either. I went to Kohl's this weekend because I had to buy a swimsuit and I needed summer pants / capris that would fit and i found the whole thing SO overwhelming!!

  2. Aw! I want to see that movie! It looks cute.

    I'm sorry your hubby is stressing you out with his shopping lol

  3. This "This Day in our History" has got to be my favorite! :)


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