7-9-10 Friday (Point And Shoot)

It’s Friday!  Oh and that means almost absolutely nothing to me.  I say “almost” cause it’s the day the trash is picked up.  I know my life is very exciting.  It’s even more exciting when I actually catch them using that robotic claw to empty the can.  It’s like a homerun!  Today, no homerun.  I didn’t see them picking up the trash.  I guess I can look forward to next week.

I went to BJ’s and then Walmart for my weekly groceries after creating a menu for the week.  I was hoping to see some characters while shopping.  Maybe someone with wacky hair or a loud outfit or something.  Nothing.  I did catch people pointing at me and snapping photos.  Only 3 times.  I wonder what that means?

Horizontal weight Amazingly enough, I ended the day with 4 points left over.  For sure, it’s a no-no per Weight Watchers not to use all the points.  Lately I’ve been going over on points.  Some more comments about today’s eating: I ate one packet of oatmeal.  One.  So tiny.  It seemed OK though.  You see, I still have a problem with portion control and it’s a wonder I’ve lost any weight at all.  I still have a snacking problem.  If we eat dinner at 7 and go to bed at 10 then why do I need a snack?  Even if I eat a large filling dinner like pasta.  Tonight was an exception because we went to bed at midnight so I can understand being hungry.  I think snacking is more a habit than a necessity. As you can see by the list I bought cantaloupe at Walmart.  It was already cut up and was as good as it looked.



DIH - Fainting Beads.  Sex.  Alcohol.  Vacationing Santa.  Guess what city.  Tour a cemetery.  Wild and crazy stuff.  Check it out here.


  1. Ahhhh, portion control. How I hate thee.

    I read in my "Full Plate Diet" book this quote regarding portion control: A tiny portion tastes the same as a big bite. Well yeah. But once you get the taste in your mouth, then what? Forget about it? Forget there's more where that came from? Forget you like the taste? Being satisfied with a little is an art form that I haven't quite mastered yet. I think the cavewoman in me still wants to eat ALL the saber-toothed tiger, you know? Eat NOW because you never know when another saber-toothed tiger will happen along.

    Eating is important to survival of the fittest, so in effect, if you eat everything in sight, you will rule the kingdom. I don't think one packet of oatmeal is going to get you there, but then again, we aren't talking about caveman days. Are we? I've already forgotten what your post was about.

    Bon apetite!


  2. OMG, you are going to be featured on the website, the People of Wal Mart ???!!!!


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