7-6-10 Tuesday (Clown Shoes)

Honestly it was another slow day here at home.  Jim returned to work after the holiday weekend while I returned to job hunting and such. 

I had a short list of grocery items that really could have waited but I wanted to get out of the house and do “something” so off to Walmart I went.  While standing at the checkouts, I heard this squeaking sounds here and there as if a clown was entertaining shoppers with a silly horn.  It was strange.  I heard the sounds amplify as I waited on line.  I started to wonder if it was some sickly hydraulic lift that the store was using.  I looked around, still couldn’t locate the source.  The noise got louder and saw people looking down but I couldn’t see beyond the register’s displays.  Finally:

Yeah, cute for like the first 3 seconds and then thereafter I wanted to steal her shoes.  Not to sell.  Not to wear.  Perhaps to dissect.  Maybe to burn.  Obviously the inventor didn’t have kids.  This is definitely something Jim and I would buy for your kids/grandkids just to piss you off.  We’ve threatened our friend Tim with such behavior and he nonchalantly fires back that he’d disable the noise maker and tell the child it’s broke.

WW Above: I made a quiche using egg beaters, broccoli, 2% reduced fat cheese and Jennie-O turkey bacon.  It was “OK”.

About the turkey bacon.  Tim (yes, another mention) said he loves bacon has been enjoying turkey bacon.  I should have asked him about which brand he used.  While at the grocery store we chose Jennie-O extra lean turkey bacon.  It only has 20 calories per slice.  We chose it for being the lowest amongst the choices.   This afternoon I decided to cook the bacon in preparation of tonight’s meal. The package gave directions of several different cooking methods but didn’t recommend microwaving.  I texted Tim asking how he prepares it.  He responded “microwave”.  Well, it didn’t make sense so I called and found out he never used the brand we purchased.  I fried it up with some Pam, per the package directions.  It wasn’t great, it didn’t suck.  It was “eh”.  Turns out he likes the Oscar Meyer brand so maybe next time I’ll sacrifice some points for a better flavor.

DIH - Hollywood G Tragedy befalls a fellow RVer.   Jim’s credit card is late to react.  I preach about being the best at your job that you can be.  We visited “The King’s” estate.  The bad BBQ experience – more hype than service.  Pink limo’s.  This is quite an interesting day, read about it here.


  1. Turkey Bacon TimJuly 7, 2010 at 9:49 PM

    I am so flattered and feel almost famous! I got two mentions!!!! (I didn't see Alix's name anywhere) Yes I enjoy turkey bacon but it can't compare to real bacon. Sorry

  2. We use turkey bacon also. Even oscar meyer. But nothing compares to 'real' bacon.

  3. That whole annoying squeaky toy business reminds me of when my sisters both had little ones in the house and they each tried to "one-up" the other by buying the other's children toys so horrifying that they defied description. It was totally a competition! I think Lisa finally won when she bought Mo's daughter a plastic ant farm with a colony of six million tiny plastic ants. Choking hazard you say? I doubt it... the "game" probably went straight into the trash if Mona had any brains at all.

    PS: Turkey bacon is better in recipes than by itself. A good rule of thumb on WW, though, is just don't eat that crap period. Eat broccoli instead!


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