7-15-10 Thursday (No Pain, No Owww)

imageMy boobs hurt.  Luckily the ab pain is very minimal.  Yeah, yeah, no pain no gain.  I’ve been thinking about doing the P90X work out.  It’s an intense 90 day exercise video program.  My friend Jodi has been utilizing this program for a long time and she’s looking like she has.  The thing is I’m finding that it wants an hour a day, every day.  Sure, being unemployed (don’t rub it in), I have the time BUT I think this might be a little to aggressive for Jim and I right now.  I need to talk to Jodi, who’s on vacation in Vegas right now, a little more and get her input about it.  Is it possible to scale the program down and skip the gym?  It takes about 20 minutes each way to get to/from the gym.  There’s some of that hour right there but we don’t go to the gym every day.  It has 12 DVD’s and you can click here to see what “Plyometrics” is and get any other info about it.  Anyone know someone who is on this program?  What’s your thoughts?

imageAbove: A sample from the manual.  Week 1-3 “do” these videos.

 0715101149a Above: My $20 purchase at Walmart.  Good deal.

It’s weigh-in day! 

And… when losing is a good thing:

Weigh In   Tracker  WW 

DIH - Ladder A year ago I lost some skin but gained a repaired refrigerator but then gained a broken toilet.  Onward to a gay campground that we were at a year ago prior.  Check it all out here. 

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  1. I do know people who have done P90X and loved it. I also know people who have done it and couldn't stick to the 60 minutes each day thing. But I think it is possible. I'd have a hard time giving a solid hour. But... 5 months ago, giving a solid hour would have stopped me from exercising altogether. It would have been my reason for quitting. Now, it feels more like a challenge. Would I be willing to get up each day at 5 to workout until 6 and then hit the shower? Hmmmm....

    Maybe do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred as a trial run first? If you can commit to 30 days of exercise... then you can commit to P90X!


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