7-11-10 Sunday (A How-To Guide On Melting Siding)

It’s nice knowing I’ve inspired someone by humorous photography.  Facebook friend, Amy, writes:

“Ok so u gotta go to my page and look at the statue pic of my son at Cowpens. It was inspired by......you! They saw some funny photo G. posted and thought it was hilarious so we ended up scrolling thru ur photos one day while my kids laughed hysterically...Today at the battlefield Matt spotted this cement platform (I think it was an old well) and insisted he re-enact G's photo...”

image  Above: Amy’s son, Matt, stands in place where a statue should be.

 image Above/Below: The photos Amy referred to.image

Lunch was interesting.  We heated up some leftover pork from the other night.  I also grilled the 2 left over Portobello mushrooms, added some cheese, turkey bacon, sprouts, lettuce and tomato and enjoyed them as “burgers”.  I’ve never grilled Portobello mushrooms in the past so I had to look on the internet for some basic instructions.  I put some olive oil on them and grilled away.   Not bad.

Jim found a local park which features a nature center and preserve so after lunch, off to Reedy Creek we went.  What a huge place this is.  There’s 116 acres park, Lakeside Meadow, 2 horseshoe pits, 4 volleyball courts, 3 ponds, fishing pier, 9 outdoor picnic shelters, Reedy Creek Nature Center, 10 miles of hiking trails located in adjacent 727-acre nature preserve to name a few.  Anyway we walked/hiked a mile long trail.  The weather was perfect, the nature beautiful.  It was nice to do something today.

2010-07-11 001 

2010-07-11 002 Above: We stop off inside the nature center and check out their educational displays.

2010-07-11 003 Above: An outdoor play area for us kids.

2010-07-11 004 Above: Along the “nature” trail.  Click to enlarge and you’ll see a manhole cover of sorts.

2010-07-11 007Above: Well of course stairs fit right into the “nature hike”.

2010-07-11 005 Above: Well shaded, cool, pretty.

2010-07-11 006 Above: “Ahhhh nature.  Hey, does your cell phone have a signal here?”

We didn’t spend that much time here today as we started getting hot toward the end of our hike.  We were also low on beverages.  On this visit we walked the Umbrella Tree Trail.  Next time we’ll visit the ponds and try some other trails. 

As we entered our neighborhood we were greeted with this:

2010-07-11 008

4 fire engines, tons of police cars, a news van and lots of people.  I wasn’t worried about our house since this was several blocks away.  Unfortunately this is the only road in/out of the neighborhood.  Jim is in the photo above, between the 2 police cars asking what’s going on and can we pass?  There was a fire and we couldn’t pass yet.  We parked up a side street and decided to walk home. 

2010-07-11 009 Above: The burnt out house!  The house was burnt out on the other side as well and melted the vinyl siding off the house next door.  I only took one photo which was out of sight from the devastated looking owner or renter.  Here’s a news website’s slideshow.

In case the website with the slideshow eventually disappears, here’s a pic:


We were almost home when we saw traffic moving again so we turned around, went back to the Jeep and drove home. 

WW Above: I ate like a frickin’ pig last night.  I don’t want to talk about it any further.  I did make another 4 mini loaf batch of turkey meatloaf.  Came out pretty good.  I think my previous batch was a little better.

DIH - HummingBird We took a great bus tour today and learned some more history.  Jim and I take a photo opportunity which lands it into one of our favorites.  Many more characters walking around.  Painted boobies!  Great fun photos too.  Check it all out here.

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  1. That fire is scary!!!

    Love the fun pics, love the hike pics. Great post today.

    I've got fun pisc to share from our weekend at some point... Maybe tomorrow's blog post?


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