7-16-10 Friday (Slow Cookers Require Power)

It was a great start to the day.  Last week I didn’t see the trash men.  I got to catch the trash picker-uppers in action.  Yes, I even caught a photo of the robotic claw doing it’s thing.  Friday’s are so awesome.  I can continue to live once again.

Unless any of you are really curious or depend on it, I’m going to stop posting my daily list of points/foods.  It doesn’t take that long to do but why bother if no one cares?  I was mainly doin’ it for my friend Tim but he doesn’t look at it closely anymore stating that he’s got the idea.  If anyone else wants it, I’d be happy to do it.  Comment or drop me an email.   I spelled out the email address cause I see other people do it.  I think it has to do with avoiding spam?  Anyone?

Around 5 pm, the power went out due to a storm.  I had a crockpot meal cooking damn it!  Closer to 6, still no power.  I told Jim to skip the gym.  6:30, no power, the automated service says it’s due to be restored by 8pm.  Jim suggested Macaroni Grill for dinner.  I guess because I had just talked about not cheating much at all to a couple of friends today, I was eager to indulge tonight.  Bad me.  Not only did I cheat tonight but I REALLY cheated, ate like a pig and nearly blew all my weekly points away too. 

Using Duke Energy’s automated service, I requested notification of restored power via my cell phone.  After dinner no call (I called them again and the ETA was changed to 9pm) so we decided to walk off some calories in the mall. The problem is we ate Dairy Queen Blizzards.  Oy. 

I have several goals I wish would just fall into place.  I want to be that person that loves to exercise.  I want to be the person that can’t eat like I did without becoming ill.  I want to “pay” for it.  I want to “learn my lesson” for eating that way.  That would be a nice incentive to be fit.  I want to be that person that can eat a little of the dumb foods and be full.  Someone who could have a tablespoon of ice cream and complain it’s too sweet.   I want to eat a 1/4 of my portion and say, “Oh, I’m so full, I don’t know how people do it.”
It was now 9pm and no call.  Jim suggested I call the house and see if the answering machine picks up.  Brilliant.  It picked up!  Yay.  Well we didn’t go straight home anyway.  We decided to do some exploring.  What’s up this road?  What’s up that road?

I classified this post as a MISadventure mostly for the power outage but I’ve realized that the bigger deal should be about the way I ate.  

DIH - NOLA Washing machine repair.  Toilet repairs.  Adding another room to the RV.  Socializing with old and new friends.  See it here.


  1. I struggle with my eating, too. I've got the exercise thing down but I've slipped from where I was before my 5K. My oomph has lessened. I'm still going but I need to get back on track and am trying to find the motivation to get there. For now, I'm happy to maintain what I've lost so far and to enjoy the benefits of these muscles and such.

    Oh- spelling out an e-mail address is to fool the bots that scour webpages for e-mail addresses to add to spam lists.

  2. @Liz: The spelling out the email address was aimed at you since I've seen you do it and I think some others as well. I'm gonna be strong and not let the eating I just did screw up my hard work. Some might say that's what the weekly points are for but I prefer not to "treat" myself to shit all the time.

  3. At least you did SOME walking!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Larry is one of those "push-your-plate-away-when-there's-still-good-food-on-it-because-you're-full" kind of peeps. Always has been. And interestingly... he's always been naturally slim. Huh.

    WE, in my family, always fought for our share of food and still do to this day as evidenced by our waistlines. We would eat the freaking plate if it didn't go down so hard. All that to say, you're in very good company, Garret. No one faults you for your little mini binge. We all do it. Case-in-point... I can't have almonds in the house anymore. SURE they are healthy and nutritious and full of fiber, but I can't stop eating them. And since they are also full of fat (good fat, but fat nonetheless), and since I can't stop at a normal portion, I won't allow them in the house. The ice cream and cookies don't sing to me like sirens on the rocks, but the almonds? Honey, the almonds are like the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir! So they are banned.

    Eventually, you will learn what your danger/trigger foods are and will avoid them. Usually a food binge hangover does it for me. You're getting there. I'm getting there. Liz is getting there. We are all getting there because we are (and always will be) a work in progress. Unless we give up, and we will never ever do that. Can I get an amen?

  5. @Mom L: Yay! Absolutely!

    @Alix: Amen! "Honey, the almonds are like the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir! So they are banned." LOL LOL LOL

    We're like that about alot of things. All the Weight Watchers "snacks" are bad because we'll just have more than one. Nuts? A 3 oz bag? Nah, I'll have 2 bags.


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