7-29-10 Thursday (Minty Birthdays)

For this week’s Weight Watcher weigh-in I was at 173.6 pounds.  Exactly the same weight as last week.  I wished I had lost a pound but I’m OK with it considering all the crap I ate this week.  The movie theater popcorn was a big deal.  It killed almost all my points for the WEEK. 


Not losing any weight is better than gaining weight…

Dasher got his bath today.  With that I washed his bedding and our bedding.  With towels and other loads of wash, I did about 5 loads.  Dasher gets a nice big bone as a treat.  It turned out he only ate half of it.  He doesn’t like “yogurt” all that much.

2010-07-29 007

 2010-07-29 006 

Red Robin has a VERY appreciated customizable build-a-meal nutrition program on their website.  When you get to the website, click the “Build Your Meal…” at the bottom of the webpage (shown with an arrow below). 


“The Customizer” will load.  It has sound effects and animation.  Besides how cool it looks/sounds, it’s so useful.  You can delete things from your food.  Shown below is an example.  On the right side you can remove a condiment, delete the bun, etc.  On the left side you can add a different bun, different condiments, etc.  When done, it calculates the nutrition.  Kudos for Red Robin on making it easier to eat healthy!


Teriyaki chicken -Mayo

Oh and no, I’m not going to eat a chili burger.  Here’s my choices with what I think I’d like.

Item Calories Fat Fiber Points

Garden Burger +cheese, -dijon





Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich –swiss, –mayo, +cheddar





Garden Burger +cheese





Gourmet cheeseburger –mayo





Crispy chicken sandwich +cheese, –mayo





Bacon cheeseburger





Too much free time on my hands?  I know. 

I’ll let you know what I chose later (well another paragraph down I guess).  In the meantime, I’ll tell you about the other exciting things I’ve done today.  I took a trip to BJ’s.  Yes, really.  I did.  By car.  I drove.  Fun.  Later I went to a dentist’s appointment.  It was a quick visit to have a root canal filling changed to a permanent.  It had too much of a crater that food constantly got caught in.  Oh, so heavenly now.  The good thing about root canals is no need for numbing to have the filling done!  See, optimistic.  Great.

We’re back from Red Robin.  I ate the 12 point Teriyaki chicken sandwich which was yummy.  I ate too many french fries though.  I tried to be strong and only eat some.  No luck.  I do love me some steak fries.  Because of the birthday coupon we had, the server knew it was gyms birthday.  Jim whined about the possibility of a big production in delivering his birthday dessert.  She said they can skip the singing.  He agreed, I said “no, do it.  I need pictures.”  I won. 

 2010-07-29 003

2010-07-29 005

Jim didn’t want the free sundae and instead had this mint brownie shake.


  1. My only complaint about Red Robin is that you MUST plan ahead- they don't have nutrition info available in the restaurant.

    I got a chicken dinner there that was great- chicken and fresh salsa. Just had to skip the cream sauce.


  2. Liz, not having nutritional info in the restaurant is bad, I agree. I do however, always try to plan my meal before I even get there assuming the restaurant has a website.

  3. Liz, As of July, all restaurants must have nutriitonal information available. Ask a manager to see their info. At Fridays, we have the info, but you have to ask.

  4. Aw, look how Jim really is that everyone sang to him!! Happy Birthday Jim!

    Good job on maintaining your weight! (doesn't that sound a lot better than "why didn't you lose any weight this week?") yeah, I thought so too.

    Dasher really looks like he's smiling for the camera! That cracks me up!

  5. Joanie, is that some federal law that went into effect or something? IS that chains only or even mom-pop type places? Elaborate.

  6. I'm not sure if it's chains or if all restaurants need to have the info available. A diabetic man came into the restaurant a week or so ago and asked for the nutritional info. I wasn't aware of the law until he told me. I asked my boss and he brought out the info to the table. He was counting carbs and needed to know how many he was eating.

    I just checked the Fridays site. They do not have the info available online (although they really should). The only thing I saw was if it was categorized as low carb, it had the net carbs listed. that was it.


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