7-27-10 Tuesday and 7-28-10 Wednesday

Tuesday 7-27-10

I spent a large portion of my day job hunting, filling out applications and completing assessments, all on-line of course.

As I walked by Jim’s recliner I noticed Clea.  Looking cute she deserved a photo session.  While snapping some pictures, the camera carry-strap dangled which enticed the kitty.

2010-07-27 001

 2010-07-27 002 

Then of course I had to shoot a video:


Wednesday 7-28-10

imageToday I attended a career fair for a well known automotive business that has car care centers in the Carolinas. I filled out an application and then had an on the spot type interview.  I was asked if I could pass a drug test.  Yes.  Right now?  Yes.  I was a little nervous , not knowing for sure if I’d identify each drug properly.   I was taken to a different table and given a lollipop-ish type swab to keep in my mouth for 5 minutes as I completed the drug testing forms.  The results were instant.  I passed!  I’m expecting a girl.  Oh, sorry, that was a different instant test.  I assume I wouldn’t have had a drug test if there weren’t interest in me.  The test kit was iScreen.  Very interesting.  If you’re really interested to see more about it, then click here

image Tomorrow is Jim’s 39th birthday.  For one month a year he’s two years younger than me and he makes sure I know that.  Naturally when his birthday rolls around I let him know that he’s old AND that he’s now only one year younger than I.  It’s a vicious cycle. 

Anyone who knows Jim personally will say that he’s the thrifty one of the group.  Even if we “have money” he’ll usually be found with a coupon in his pocket.  Over the past year we’ve signed up for so many birthday clubs and restaurant sites to constantly get a flow of coupons, deals and specials in via email.  This year free birthday meal tickets are flooding in.  Yes, on his birthday he’s managed to pick a place that gives him his meal for free tonight and will use one of the “within 30 days” coupon another night.

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  1. OK- the drug test bit had me cracking up!!

    LOVED the video- loved hearing that puuurrrrrrr by the end. Happy kitty!


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