7-17-10 Saturday (Big Daddy’s Bust)

Jim found out there was going to be some “drum circle” over at Freedom Park.   Now recently I’ve been exposed to 2 drum circles or so we think.  One in Asheville – people in a park beating on drums on a rhythm.   Another one in DC, same kinda thing.  Is that a drum circle?  So as I type this entry, I Googled it and discovered the definition is pretty loose.  They can be large, they can be small.  They can be in a circle or not.  So basically a group of people in a park playing drums.  Cool.  We’ll go.  Not quite.  We didn’t get moving in time.

image We had to stop at the bank and get a few DMV documents notarized so I can get North Carolina plates issued.   For the first time in our lives, we’re gonna get vanity (personalized) plates if possible.  The tags will read JAG1 and JAG2.  We use JAG a lot.  In fact it was our cats name (now someone else's cat).  We have a nice mirrored license plate that read “JAG” on the BMW but moved it to the RV when we hit the road.  Our email address contains “JAG” in it.  Jim came up with it several years ago to be an acronym for “Jim And Garret”. 

After Bank Of America we went to Freedom Park in hopes we’d catch some of the drum circle.  No such luck but we did enjoy our first visit at the park.  We walked the full loop around.  The outdoor temperature of 87 was nearly perfect.  Maybe a little cooler would have been great.


What another great park!  Here’s the park’s website.

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And that my friends, is a piece of paradise, in our backyard.  I love it!

We departed the park and headed for lunch.  Jim had a BOGO coupon for a slice of pizza a Fuel.  Turns out he left it on the counter at home.  We decided to give Big Daddy’s Burger Bar a try.  We got in, sat down and looked over the menu.  The burger toppings as well as the burger options seemed endless.  I had decided I’d have a black bean burger or Portobello burger – if a server would ever show up.  No greeting, no drink order, no nothing.  Eventually I looked at Jim and asked, “Ready?”  We got up, stopped by the front desk, told the manager that it was our first visit and most likely our last.  Off we went.  We have 0 tolerance for not even being greeted by a server.  It’s happened several times to us and we don’t bat an eye.  We leave.  Maybe we’ll go back – maybe not.

Eating at home worked out just fine.  Healthier too!  We spent the evening having a Desperate Housewives marathon and we have more to go.

DIH - Signs A year ago?  Not much.  Relaxation poolside.  A little cleaning.  Meeting and making friends.  Read about it here.


  1. That park is BEAUTIFUL! I am so jealous!! Its like ones you see on tv in the movies.. Lakes Park isnt even close!! sonia

  2. Love that park- I'd spend all my time there if it was near my house. One thing the parks near me is missing are gorgeous water features like that.

    We went to our Texas Roadhouse on a date night a few weeks back. We were seated and then waited 10 minutes with no greeting, no drink order, no eye contact, nothing. We frequent this restaurant regularly so we know it isn't the norm. We had somewhere we had to be so we couldn't wait. We got up and walked out, stopping at the hostess stand to let them know. The manager was there and apologized profusely and asked us to wait for just a moment so he could make it right. We agreed. He came back with a coupon for 2 free entrees. He took full responsibility- said it was shift change and an oversight and that he was going to work with the staff to make sure it doesn't happen again. When an establishment takes responsibility and makes and effort to make it right... they keep my business!!

  3. @Sonia: You should come see it personally!

    @Liz: We didn't wait for anyone to make it right. I especially wouldn't want a server to wait on us knowing we threw them under the bus. Maybe free meals for the next visit such as yours but we definitely weren't going to stay there today.


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