7-24-10 Saturday (To The Caribbean)

Jim suggested we dine at Fuel Pizza Cafe in Uptown Charlotte again.  Why not?  We liked it last week and we had another coupon.  Aside from that, there’s a Caribbean festival going on that we can check out.  FREE parking was a little challenging probably because of the festival so we had to drive around looking for a spot.  Once we got lucky we had to walk several blocks.  It’s in the high 90’s this weekend but it certainly doesn’t feel like Florida’s high 90’s so I was happy with that.  Toward the end of the walk, sweat started to take over.  We made it to Fuel, ate our yummy pizza (1 slice each) and then walked over to the festival.


The music was very loud.  There were many vendors peddling their Caribbean wares.  The food stations appeared to house possible tasty foods but we just ate.  We walked around the festival for a short time and then hit the road.

2010-07-24 001


2010-07-24 002 

2010-07-24 003 

2010-07-24 004 

2010-07-24 005 

2010-07-24 006 

2010-07-24 007

We drove around town, exploring some more.  Where’s that road lead?  Off we went to find out.  We drove through several neighborhoods checking them out.  Eventually we want to buy a house again.

Coupon Perhaps because we had a light lunch, we were hungry early.  We had some TGI Friday’s Stripes reward coupons ($8 off) so we headed over there for dinner.  We ordered some crispy green bean fries.  We like those.  We don’t usually order them because of my dieting but we misunderstood the usage terms of the coupon.  It read “Get an appetizer, get a dessert, just get here.”  We both read it like they meant whatever, just get here and use it.  The server said no.  Ugh. Jim had my favorite burger.  I had grilled chicken sans the Jack Daniels sauce, broccoli and a veggie medley.  Just because I don’t constantly post my point intake doesn’t mean I’m not on Weight Watchers anymore.

After dinner we settled in for the evening watching Tooth Fairy and finished off this past season of Desperate Housewives

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  1. The festival looks fun- not sure I could have resisted the food, though. :)


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