7-18-10 Sunday (Fueling Up)

IMG_0004 Yesterday we missed out on enjoying pizza at Fuel Pizza Cafe so we thought we’d try again.  With coupons in hand this time, we headed to one of the Uptown locations.  We parked and walked around looking for it.  We used the GPS to get there but didn’t have the address written down figuring we’d just see it in the vicinity.  Nope.  Sometimes the large buildings house restaurants or food courts in their lobbies.  Jim remembered another location several blocks up.  Between he and I, we both remembered enough details about it’s location to find it on a map.  Off we went.  We found it.  We ate our pizza outside; it was beautiful out.  We walked a different route back to the car.  Every time we walk the downtown area, we notice things we hadn’t on previous visits.  Be it shops, or architecture.  We had a nice time walking around.

While Dasher was out in the yard, I spotted him barking at a deer.  The funny thing is that he’d bark at it and then walk away but the deer would “follow” him.

Deer2Above/Below: You can see the deer – barely.  It doesn’t photograph well through the fence.Deer1 




DIH - Smokey I roasted myself in the sun and played volleyball all day.  I was in all sorts of pain having to do with physical activity as well as sun burned.  Check it out here!

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  1. The pics of Dasher and the Deer are priceless!! Maybe they were gossiping over the fence...


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