7-12-10 Monday (Treasure Hunt – Beyond The Crown)

I went to Walmart again.  I picked out a cereal for Jim the last time and turns out he doesn’t like it.  I returned it.  I told them it tasted like cardboard with honey.  They gave me a refund.  Why not?  I bought a different healthy cereal for Jim to try.

I went to my new dentist today for a cleaning.  It went fine.  Gross – even though I flossed twice today she “found” popcorn.  She said popcorn loves to hide sometimes for days.  She found it twice under a lip or something from a crown.  I’m glad I could share that with you.


In other exciting news, Jim and I went to the gym today.  I did core (abs) exercises while I waited for him to get there.  After he changed we hit the stair climber machine for 45 minutes.  Grueling.    We’ve decided to go 3 times a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Since we can’t be motivated with 5 days a week, I suggested 3 for now.  


Fiber Nutrition Here’s how my food choices broke down.  For some reason I ate a salad at like 10:30 this morning.  I was just in the mood for it.  I didn’t have enough ultra low cal balsamic vinaigrette so I used a light dressing I had available.  3 points for that sucks.  At lunch I ate what I’d normally have eaten for breakfast.  Later as a snack I had popcorn.  For dinner I grilled some chicken, paired it with fresh broccoli and brown rice with salsa.  Yum.  Dessert was a delicious fruit cocktail served on sugar free angel food cake and topped with a Coolwhip type topping.  Yum.  Jim later had cereal and I just had to have some too.  I skipped the milk and ate it like a snack.  It’s a real high fiber cereal that’s low in points and very tasty AND included a mail in rebate form to get the cereal for free!    

DIH - Bridge It’s OK to drink alcohol on the streets here.  We took another bus tour of this awesome city.  More characters.  More fun photos!  Vampires!  Check it out here.

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