7-5-10 Monday (Ungrateful Hoarding)

RIP We never even left the house today.  I think if we had relaxed any more we would have been dead.  It wasn’t planned.  Really.

We watched a couple of episodes of “Clean House: Messiest Home in the Country”.  We stumbled on it by accident and then just kept watching the train wreck of events.  We couldn’t believe the junk these people held onto.  Each show was 2 hours long.  I was a surprised that one woman was ungrateful for the show’s help.  They spent a lot of money on this woman’s house and made such a difference.  The sad thing is I don’t thing this show can truly help these people.  


DIH - Dasher's Closeup Last year’s highlights:  Lame movie rental.  Fun at a river park.  Monorails, trolley’s and swans = forms of transportation.  Huge models.  A hairy situation on a sidewalk.  Some of my favorite photos come from this day in our history.  Check it all out by clicking here!


  1. Not without brain surgery too.

  2. Clean House is a great show...I've been sucked into watching marathons of it more than once! Love Niecy! Hoarders is even better and more schadenfreude.


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