7-8-10 Thursday (Get A Buzz)

I’ve mentioned that I bought the PlayStation Buzz Trivia game.  Unfortunately I bought it off eBay and missed a disclaimer about it missing a necessary “receiver” that makes the wireless controllers function.   Jim and I went to a GameStop the other day to locate replacement controllers.  $5 for 4 but not in stock.  We bought wired controllers for 99 cents so we could at least play the game.  Today I went to 2 GameStops to get the controllers.  Yay!  We have wireless and wired.  Jim and I really enjoy this game.

image  Above: What the controller looks like.

Above: Promo video of the game.  Watch it, it’s real fun!

It’s Thursday so that means weigh-in day!  2 more pounds!

Weigh In


I went over my daily again.  Sigh.  The pork I had tonight was a 2.5 pound pork shoulder I had in the freezer.  I threw it into the crock pot with sliced mushrooms, baby potatoes, onions, onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup, and broth.  It came out pretty good.  At 14 points it looks like I ate too much of it.  I must get back to figuring out points before I even eat.

After dinner we watched The Wolfman.  Unfortunately the movie trailer already showed all the best parts.  What a slow, painful movie.  If you’ve ever seen the original or similar – that’s enough.  Really.  My comment immediately following the movie was: “And they thought they need to remake this?”  Have you seen it?  What did you think?


DIH - Fun Mirror Last year: Hattiesburg for BBQ.  Moving on to a new state.  A trailer yard.  Bridge O’Death.  Crossing the line via golf cart and guns.  Confused?  Check it out here.


  1. Yay on more weight loss!!

    Yay on a fun game- I haven't heard of it but it does look fun.

    And I don't do scary movies. Jeff and his BFF totally do so maybe I'll ask for their opinion.

  2. Oh crap! Wolfman in our Neflix queue. Larry's going to be so heartbroken.

    Hey Gar... Plug your Playstation Buzz Trivia game play time into the WW activity calculator e-tool and see how many calories you're burning! I imagine pushing all those fancy buttons can make you really break a sweat!


  3. Alix, to me it moved too slowly. My biggest thing is why did they bother redoing it? It was fine the way it was.

  4. The game does look fun!
    And 17 lbs! Good going!


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