7-1-10 Thursday (Day Of Reductions)

For those of you on Facebook who have seen this info already – so what.  For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I present you with another 5 pounds of weight loss.  What excites me so much is that I weighed myself Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (making this on Friday, not like a time travel thing silly) to see if my weight would vary much.  I’m happy to say the 5 pounds seems to have stuck wonderfully!  This milestone is so incredible to me because I stopped journaling (couldn’t keep up) in DC.

Weigh In Above: 40 days = 15 pounds!

Once I recalculated my points target, it reduced it to 28 points.  What a surprise.  That’s OK though.  No problem.  I will comply.  I did get the whole losing weight too fast warning again.  Hmph.

I hit job hunting hard today.  I applied for several jobs.  Naturally I prefer some positions over others but while the descriptions aren’t 100% interesting, hopefully the job itself is.  Does that make sense?

I did have to stop by the RV for a couple things.  It looked all lonely in the storage lot.  I had to go to Walmart again.  When I went yesterday I totally forgot about picking up my prescription.  I hate when that happens.

Yesterday morning I had a doctor’s appointment to retest my cholesterol.  Today their office called with good news.  Finally the numbers were pretty good.  Liver function good.  Overall 137 (<200 good), Triglycerides = 100 (<150 good), LDL = 93 (<160 good) and HDL 24 (>40 good).  So most of it was good.



DIH - Columbia We had lunch at a whore house in the neighborhood of bath houses.  Our pets cuddle.  Jim rescues an animal.  We walk almost 2 miles.  See what I’m rambling on about here.


  1. Gosh Garret, do you think there may be a correlation between your eating healthy, losing weight and your blood results being primo? Hmmmmmm?

    Way to go WW Superstar... not only are you getting trimmer and more handsome, but even your blood is better looking. So good, in fact, I would date it. Not you... just your blood.

    Has it turned red yet?

  2. YAY for weight loss- and a bigger YAY for getting healthy numbers!!


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