7-25-10 Sunday and 7-26-10 Monday


We got up at a decent hour and took advantage of those AMC theater popcorn/soda coupons I shared the other day.  The 10:30 am showing of Inception was very early but always worth it.  On a Sunday morning, the theater is always empty. 

We enjoyed this movie.  Brilliant.  Lots of action.

Look at this weather today.  It doesn’t feel 102.  I love the LACK of humidity.



I spent a lot of the day job hunting.  I filled out 2 more user profiles on-line.  Entering previous employment and such can take a while.  I did 2 assessments.  I’ve mentioned assessments in previous posts.  I captured a few screen shots of the type of questions an assessment will ask.

1 2 3 4 5 

Click each one: A new window will open and the photo will be larger and readable.

I have such a hard time with these sometimes.  I’m never quite sure what the perspective employer is after.  Are they considering my insanity, independence, customer service, scruples? 

Within 3 days of my last grocery shopping, I suddenly had a list of 10 or more items.  What’s a house-husband to do?  Oh yeah, go to Walmart.

I’m not quite sure how I didn’t manage to get my ass kicked but I picked a fight with a fellow shopper.  If you know me by now, I hate litterbugs, people who toss gum, loud music playing, etc.  It’s typically things that I feel are inconsiderate of others.  It grates on my nerves.  I’ve scolded a man for littering a cigarette wrapper, a woman for tossing her cigarette butt on the floor, etc.  It’s not like I do it every time because let’s face it, some might kick my ass, pull out a gun or I’d just simply spend all day angry at the world.

So, the story.  I was online.  A woman in front of me and a big guy in front of her.  When I say big, he wasn’t necessarily fat nor muscular.  He was just a big guy.  He pays, puts his bags into the cart and stands there sorting through money and looking at his receipt, looking at a cart that had go-backs in it (looked like he was scoping it out to steal something).  The lady in front of me couldn’t move up.  I couldn’t get my stuff on the conveyor belt.  My thought was “MOVE!”.  The guy takes his 4 bags out of the cart and just leaves it right smack in the way of the lady in front of me.  The guy gets about 6 feet away and I grab his cart and angrily move it away commenting, “Thanks for blocking everyone guy.”  He responds with, “Obviously it wasn’t such a big deal since you moved it.” to which I said, “You’re just lazy.”   I couldn’t believe I said that.  Yes, I felt that way but to actually say it?  I walked back over to my groceries where it was now my turn at the check out.  He got all puffy chested and asked if I wanted to take this outside.  I said I don’t need to take anything outside.  A Walmart manager guy comes over and asks HIM what the problem is.  A few words were inaudible but it quickly ended with the man saying he’d never be back to this store again.  The cashier apologized.  I was thinking to myself, self, cause I often call myself that, I started it.  Was him leaving the cart in the way enough to piss everyone off and take my side?  Best I can tell, maybe he had some troubles at the register right before I got there.  Maybe that’s why he kept looking at his money and receipt?  The man walks out.  I’m thinking, “shit, I gotta walk outside.”  Luckily the door closest to the Jeep is not the same door he used.  As I exit, and load my groceries, I take notice of my surroundings without “looking nervous”.  I see that there are cameras and one of those portable police towers like:


I made sure I was alert, finished loading the car, got in, locked the doors and went on my way.  I still have no idea what set me off enough to get lippy.  Or why I thought it was OK to say something to this guy of all people. 

I get daily deal emails for the Charlotte area.  Some are just Charlotte, while others are National such as restaurant.com and AMC theaters.  Here’s a national deal on Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, McAlister’s Deli, Bravo! and more.  None for me thanks – I’m dieting.  Sigh.  Each deal is in a separate link, click which place you’re interested in.  The website I get all this from didn’t have a link for the actual full page.  If you click here it will be for whatever day you click on the link.

Go get savin’!


  1. You can make healthy choices at McAlister's. And they have unsweet tea that is very good.

    The Wal Mart story is scary!! I don't usually hesitate to say things, either. Maybe you can look back at the situation and come up with a different way to handle it next time and what the outcome might have been if you'd done something different?

    Those assessment questions are ANNOYING. I can look at them and answer 1 way for my current job and a different way for a retail job, and another way for a different desk job... it totally depends on what the employer's expectations are!

  2. I've already relived the Walmart experience in my mind. I think my tone was the issue.

    The best healthy choice possible is not to eat out. Even salads are tricky sometimes. BUT I will say McAlisters probably has a lot more healthier options than McDonalds or the like.

    That's how I felt about the assessment. Some choices were about giving a discount to the customer. Am I authorized to do that? I had so many questions.

  3. If more people had the cajones to do what you did in WalMart, perhaps the offenders wouldn't be so quick to get all pissy about it. I applaud you, Garret. I think you were not only assertive but justified. What an ass that guy was. Do you want to "take it outside"... Sheesh. NOT cool.


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