7-4-10 Sunday (Blistered Lips)

image AMC theaters was running a 4th of July on-line printable couple promotion.  Any drink $1, any popcorn for $1.  Jim printed coupons and off we went to see Twilight: Eclipse.  I think it was the best one thus far.  I ate so much popcorn my lips blistered from the salt.  I skipped lunch since it was a late morning movie.

After the movie we picked up the Jeep from Monro’s.  Hopefully this ends the squeaking brake saga.  We did a little shopping at BJ’s and then came home.  We (well Jim watched)spent a lot of time playing my new video game.

We didn’t go see fireworks, no parties, no nothin’.  We did enjoy a glass of white wine.  Biltmore’s Chenin Blanc.  Yummy.  What wild ones, huh?


DIH - Krispy Kreme We’re in a new city again.  It’s heavily associated with Elvis.  I inspired a fellow blogger!  Check out last year’s edition here.


  1. Oh honey, you're gonna blow up like Roseanne Barr at a sodium buffet. Drink LOTS of water and flush!

    PS: I think you're in denial about 10.5 points for 6 cups of theater popcorn. Your e-tools are lying to you, man.

  2. Well, I didn't add any butter to it from those pumpy things. I find that the etools is wrong a lot so that why I calculate most everything for myself. What do you think the popcorn was?


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