7-22-10 Thru 7-23-10

As may possibly be the norm for a while, I’ve got a few days worth of entries lumped together:

7-22-10 Thursday

I’m so excited I could spit so let’s get this outta the way.  I reached my goal (as set up by Weight Watchers)!  19.4 pounds since May 20th! 


The program wanted me to move into “maintenance” but I’m not done.  I’ve adjusted the specs to a new goal.  I love Weight Watchers.  Have I ever mentioned that?

Today’s adventure: BJ’s and Walmart.  Uneventful.

I think the house on the corner is a foreclosure.  Maybe it’s just a rental that the tenant moved out of.  For several days they’ve been stacking this crap out in front of the house.

2010-07-22 003  2010-07-22 002

The problem I see is that there’s too many smaller things not in trash cans/bags.  I also wonder if they called for a special bulk pick up?  Tomorrow is trash day, we’ll find out soon enough.  I’ll bet it’s all still there.  If so I’ll have to call the city or something.

*A year ago on this date were were visiting Jim’s brother John and his wife Tonia.  We swapped out an RV seat then returned to the campground for a non-existent swim in their icky pool.  See it here. 

7-23-10 Friday

Yesterday while at BJ’s I bought steaks.  Today I seasoned them, cut them in half to 5 ounce portions and then vacu-sealed them.  This is a first for me - a 5 ounce steak.  A first for Jim as well.  I’ve gotta get portion control under uhhhh control.  5 ounces of steak is still 8.5 points.  That’s one benefit.  The other = twice as many meals.  Bonus I guess.  We’ll enjoy them with side salads, baked potatoes and fresh broccoli. 

While blogging, I’m enjoying some fruit salad that I also bought while at BJ’s.  Delicious. 

2010-07-23 004

It’s a big ole container (3 pounds) so it will last for a few days.  The cantaloupe is sweet and perfectly ripe.  I’ve had 2 bowls of it today.

I went over to the RV (in storage) to check on it and add some water purification stuff to the tank.  The chemical will prevent the water from getting slimy.  On my way out of the neighborhood I was surprised to find that house with all that garbage was 95% cleared.  It looks like the guys left chemicals/paint behind.

2010-07-23 001 

That’s a good thing!  I was willing to bet it would all be there after trash pick up.  See you should have bet against me.  Maybe next time.

image Mike, our friend who made that poem, “This Bed Is Bliss”, sent me a reformatted version per my request.  I wanted to print it, and frame it but wanted to give him the opportunity to put it into “correct” poetic format.  He finished it and emailed it.  I printed it on some nice paper I had, bought a frame yesterday and today hung it up in the guest room.  Hmmmm, I’m thinking I need more house guests to create decor for my home.  I love it!


  2010-07-23 004 2010-07-23 003

I finished playing a video game (inFAMOUS) twice over.  Once while being “good” and a second time playing as “evil”.  I loved the game.  I’ve listed it for sale on eBay.  While I was at it, I listed my Atkins diet book for sale too.  Depending on how the sales go it makes me think I should start walking around the house and “shop” for things to post on eBay.

When Jim came home from work, we ate dinner and settle in to watch Desperate Housewives.  We’re almost caught up.  We’ve also been watching America’s Got Talent.  That’s a great show.  Naturally they stretch it out beyond belief.  Anyone else watch it and think that the second night that they announce eliminations is majorly stretched out right down to the uncomfortable pause by the host?  Ugh.


  1. I was watching AGT but stopped when they went "live" because of the waaaaaaaaaaay streeeeeeeeeetched outedness of it. Drives me BATTY. 2 hours for 12 acts. They show a montage piece about the act, then the act, then the judges, then commercials. Rinse, repeat. Crazy!

    I flipped to So You Think You Can Dance One Night, watched a dance, watched the judges and was about to start flipping agian- but they went straight to the next couple! They actually got me to watch more of their show because of it!

    I know someone who auditioned for AGT this year but didn't make it.

  2. We TiVo the damn thing and fast froward through commercials at least. So many TV shows, especially HGTV type stuff constantly recaps. "When we come back..." then after the commercial they have to recap what was on before the commercial. Drives me nuts. An hour on HGTV is like 30 minutes real stuff.

  3. Congratulations Garret!!! What a milestone!! I'm proud of you, and I thank you because I've lost 5 lbs. so far copying your menus!! Bless you, Sharon


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