6-9-10 Wednesday (Salad Memories)

Grandma and I met Tom for lunch and ended up at Showmar’s.  I couldn’t remember what salad I got the last time (June 2nd!).   Nothing sounded familiar.  I ordered:

image Grilled Chicken Chef Saladheart healthy
Grilled chicken on fresh romaine and iceberg lettuce with sliced tomatoes, egg, cheddar cheese and red onions

I had no idea it was going to be in a fried tortilla bowl.  I tried to stay strong but I did manage to eat a side of it.



 Showmar Salad

It was good.  BUT remember I said I couldn’t remember which salad I had last week?  That’s because I didn’t have one.  I had a grilled chicken pita.  Duh.  Comparing how many points that was as compared to this, I’d say I made a better choice the last time.

image Above: The pita value from the previous visit.

I called the dentist today to schedule having the 2 root canals permanently filled.  I told them I didn’t want to have the posts done.  The dentist himself called me back.  He defended his practice and explained why things happened the way they did.  He acknowledged that both copies of the action plan that indicated pricing was left in my file instead of me having a copy.  He still wants his money from me.  He says that perhaps I won’t need the posts.  He’ll have to look when I get there.  The price difference on the fillings without a post would only be $20.  The last time he explained that he was going to charge me because it required a post.  Now it’s only a $20 difference.  By my math, no post should equal $0.  I made an appointment in the meantime but I’m stewing over the whole thing and I’m getting more angry each time I retell the story.

I want to share with you, a poem Mike wrote in our guest book.

This Bed Is Bliss

By Michael Gabbard

June 3rd 2010

Well I’ll say this: This bed is bliss

At journey’s end to find

A crisp clean sheet with quilt at feet

So welcome and so kind.


We missed them, so “we’ll pack & go”,

And visit for a while

To chat and dine and spend some time –

We’ll gossip, joke and smile.


But tho’ sublime, there comes a time

When we must bid adieu

And say “goodbyes” to two great guys

We really will miss you!


And tho’ we wish that we could dish

And cut-up with you more

We hate to leave, but know that we’ve

Been down this road before.


So we’ll hug and sigh and say goodbye

Your company we’ll miss.

Our stay was great, in fact “first rate!”

And man, that bed was bliss!

Is that not spectacular?  I’m going to print it, frame it and hang it in the guest bedroom.  I’ll pick a nice font.


I went over by 6.5 points today.  I can’t believe I used nearly all my weekly points.  Tomorrow is weigh in.  Weekly points will reset.  Here’s the end result:

 Week Summary


DIH - Gypsy 2 Blood samples.  Pet hotels.  Rock & Indians.  Holy rocks – literally.  Spectacular photos!  Beautiful surroundings!  A snake.  A science museum.  Top secret labs.  Most importantly, an awesome day.  Check it all out here.


  1. Great poem! What a great idea to frame it. :)

  2. The poem is a masterpiece. You are so undeserving. Mike needs to try out MY bed, and then he can talk bliss.

    Great post my friend. Write me a poem?


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