5-31-10 Monday (Baby Pineapples)

For lunch, Jim suggested Ryan’s Buffet.  Their website has a fantastic nutritional chart enabling me to calculate points prior to arrival.


Kudos to them for publishing all this info.  There’s no many places that don’t.  Too many really.  Anyway, I blew a lot of points here.  I primarily ate rotisserie chicken (removed the skin) and salad.  We’ll you’ll see what I ate below.

Rant Animated 1 Prior to eating we dropped off the BMW next door to a brand new Firestone place to have the tires rotated.  It was ready by the time we finished lunch.  The tire rotation cost $20.  As Jim is paying he spots a sign about a $15 tire rotation special.  Jim brings it to the advisor’s attention.  The special is a free 50-something point inspection with tire rotation.  He was sorry that he didn’t offer that on write up.  Jim asked for the price.  He couldn’t do it without the inspection but we can certainly wait while they bring it back into the shop.  VERY annoying.  We didn’t wait; we paid the price.  Normally I would have asked for the manager or something.  I’m not sure why I didn’t.  I guess I wasn’t feeling the bitch-vibe.  I should have especially because on the way home, the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) light came on in red.  We were pretty close to home.  The tire pressures were all about 5-8 pounds over inflated.  I was pissed because Jim specifically reminded them to make sure the pressures were right.  I just adjusted them myself and life went on.

For the remainder of the day we shopped at BJ’s.  Eventually I went to Walmart while Jim napped.  We then both went to Concord Mills Mall in search of a new pillow for Jim and then on to Anna’s Linens on the same mission. 

Mike and Dave called us when they were about 30 minutes away.  We got home 1 minute before they arrived! 

2010-05-31 006 2010-05-31 007Above: Mike (L) and Dave (R).  Sugar, 1 of 2 of their children.

 2010-05-31 008 Above: Mike caudles a pineapple pillow.

I have no other photos.  Totally forgot.  Once they were settled in we went to dinner at Cheddar’s.    Jim had chicken fingers, Mike had the Monte Cristo, Dave had the sirloin, and I had the Tilapia.


This was delish.  I’m not a big fish-eater other than tuna fish, shrimp and beer battered fish.  I’m proud of myself for ordering this however, I’m not sure if it was “grilled” with butter.  I MUST get into the habit of asking for no butter and such.  I did get the sauce on the side this time.  For my side dishes, I had double broccoli. 

 How'd Garret Do Today - Animated

 WW 5-31

I dipped into my weekly points a little.  I must stay away from buffets.  I must.  I must.  Here’s hoping I get on track tomorrow.

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  1. You crack me up! I'm crazy about all your new graphics. What an ar-teest!

    As for buffets, you know better, but sometimes you just have to do the best you can under the circumstances. It's good training for the rest of your life - because, well, buffets aren't going anywhere.

    Proud of you for the Tilapia choice. It really is good and you can have twice as much for the same points as beef! It's easy to cook too. And cheap!

    I've missed you buddy, but I'm finally back to blogging. XO XO XO


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