12-9-10 Thursday (Room With A View)

I took Mom to Famous Mart for a pair of snow pants, gloves and a hat.  She’s now ready to go snow tubing this weekend!  She’ll have to go on the less dangerous slopes though.  If you’re interested, you can see a video of Jim and I’s last snow tubing adventure by clicking here.

2010-12-09 002Above: They fit!

Mom had her nails done today while I walked around the mall.   We came home for lunch and enjoyed our home-made chicken salad!

Next week we’re (Mom and I) off to Myrtle Beach.  The last time mom visited me, I drove her to Myrtle Beach stayed a couple of days, dropped her off, and then a week later picked her up.  This time we’ll both be there for a few days and will stay in a hotel.  My uncle has been ill lately and it will be much easier if my aunt doesn’t have to worry about our needs.  With my Mom’s medical problems, it’s just better this way.  She offered up her guest room but we declined. 

I researched hotels on Expedia, Mapquested the distance from my Aunt’s house and found several “cheap” hotels along the beach under 15 minutes away from my aunt!


I think the rates are low cause it’s winter time and it’s during the week.  Expedia said $29.00 a night but the building was lacking an elevator.


I was worried about the lack of an elevator for my Mom and I wasn’t sure how tall the building was so I called the hotel directly.  When I shared my concerns the reservationist gave me a free upgrade to a different building with an elevator.  From the Cypress building to the Live Oaks tower.  Looking it up online, seeing pictures and all, it appears we may get an ocean view for $29 a night!  Check out their site for photos.  Springmaid Beach Resort, here we come!

Something I forgot from yesterday…

2010-12-09 003Above: Yesterday Mom and I decorated stockings and hung them by the chimney with care.  Did I just say that?   Thanks to Tim for loaning us stocking hangers!

And something I haven’t been doing regularly:

DIH - Head Tilt Last year we hit the road to Charlotte.  It was a scouting mission to find a place to live, check out the area, that sorta thing. 

2 years ago, our RV shower/tub was leaking.  I talked about Seattle Washington’s strange road signs.  I feel like such a heel.  I read this entry and laughed at my own silliness. 


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