10-15-10 Wednesday (Rut-Roh - Scooby Does Comedy)

We hit the road at about 10am and drove without incident.  Wendy’s for lunch on the way was yummy.  I think it was a 3.5 hour drive, I didn’t really keep track. 

Upon arrival to Myrtle Beach, our room wasn’t ready yet.  We were too early for their 4pm check-in time.  Sure we could have taken a different room but it was no big deal.  We diverted our route directly to An-Annie and Uncle Bobby’s house. 

Later we departed for hotel check-in.  The process went smoothly.  Registration is in a separate building since the resort itself is split into 3 guest towers.  We were pleasantly surprised my the room, the view and the amenities.  View of the water, pool, lazy river, flat screen TV, full sized fridge, microwave, coffee maker, table/chairs, and wireless internet.  The room is spacious and the décor isn’t obtrusive.  I approve.

2010-12-15 0012010-12-15 002Above: View from the in room balcony.

After unpacking and what not, we stopped off at a Piggly Wiggly for a few supplies and then back to An-Annies for dinner.  Homemade tuna salad, and egg salad.  It was so good, I had a sandwich of each.  I know, I know, I should have had 3.

I left Mom with An-Annie and I headed out to pick up cousin Andrea’s hubby, Kevin at home.  Andrea would meet us at the Stand-Up Carolina Comedy Club.  Tonight will be the club’s first ever Improv type comedy.  Kevin and I arrived just as Andrea pulled up.

2010-12-15 003Above: The Mystery Machine in the parking lot.

Once inside, we drank, socialized, drank some more and then headed into the theater type area for the Improv comedy show.  I love Improv.  Should the “I” in Improv be capitalized?  Anyway I love it.  Think “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”  The show here at the club was very good – mostly.  There was a segment or two that I thought could use a little help. 

Kevin is very much into the comedy club.  He’s attended their comedy classes and has performed in their open mic competitions as well.

2010-12-15 011Above: The yummy shot we did.

2010-12-15 004

Above/Below: Kevin

2010-12-15 005


2010-12-15 009Above: Andrea & Garret

2010-12-15 010

3 glasses of wine and a shot later…



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  1. I'm reading chronologically backwards, so I'm commenting on the beach photos from tomorrow. (does that make sense?) Anywho, the beach looks abandoned, so I don't get why you had to wait for a room. I"m sure the hotel was mostly empty.


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