12-26-10 Sunday (Itchy Angels)

Phew.  Christmas is over but there’s still another holiday to go. 

Several days prior, my Mom had mentioned wanting to go to the Mexican buffet she had been to on her previous visit.  The plans were to have lunch there today since she’ll be going home on Wednesday.  Mom spent the morning in bed so I bribed her to get showered and dressed by reminding her about our plans.  She agreed.  Meanwhile as she showered and dressed, Jim and I went to the mall to make a return.  It was about 1pm and the mall was pretty dead.

We picked up Mom and headed to the buffet.  We were seated, ordered drinks and then headed to the buffet.  Jim realized some key items (like fajitas) that we’ve enjoyed in the past were absent from the line-up.  He inquired, staff said no, mom already started filling her plate so we stayed.  Next time, we’ll check out before we order drinks or such.  What we ate, we enjoyed so to me it was no big deal.

Next we drove around looking at a couple of houses and then on to a young neighborhood with many homes under construction.  We were able to check these properties out since most had no doors.  Several had drywall up, some just framing.  Some were huge, others laid out oddly. 

Mom had an itch to make a snow angel.  She did it!

2010-12-26 0102010-12-26 0112010-12-26 0122010-12-26 0132010-12-26 014

2010-12-26 015

Yes, I was just as shocked.

The drive around town was so pretty.  Everything covered in a blanket of snow.  Here’s a video of the drive:

Snowy drive up Sugar Creek.

Here’s some stills:

2010-12-26 006


2010-12-26 031Above: This one is of our backyard.

That’s all I got!


  1. If I made a snow angel, I might not make it back out! My town is covered.

    Look at my poor car.

  2. Wow! I lived in NY and have seen that but not for many years. I certainly don't miss that crap!

  3. That snow is pretty if you don't have to look at it for months!

  4. LOVE the photos of your mom! How fun!


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