12-7-10 Tuesday (Set It And What Was I Saying?)

Mom and I went to Famous Mart today.  I hate clothes shopping but I like the deals found at this store.  Mom didn’t bring enough warm clothes so she got a few sweaters at $3.99 each.  I picked up some snow/ski gloves from Jim and I.  $3.00 a pair for Thinsulate gloves!  The great thing is they had all finger spots intact!  The last time I tried on gloves there, I couldn’t get my fingers into some slots in the glove.  It was then I realized, “no wonder they’re only $3”!

2010-12-07 001Above: JoAnn knows how to wear a hat.

My Mom was on a mission to buy some sweat pant type thingies.  Not the typical elastic ankle and draw string waist type of sweats.  I don’t know how else to describe them nor do I think it’s interesting enough to keep talking about them.

Lunch!  Five Guys.  Yum!  I love me some Five Guys!  To finish off the fat trend we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a dozen hand selected yummy donuts.  We didn’t eat them all at once.  Really.

Dinner!  Set it and kind of forget it.  That’s right… my first rotisserie chicken.  It came out pretty damn good too!

2010-12-07 002a2010-12-07 002b2010-12-07 002c

Mmmmmmmmm.  I was a total buzzard; I took all the leftover meat from the bones for chicken salad later in the week.


  1. That chicken looks DIVINE!!! Almost as divine as that FABulous hat!

  2. Yum !!! It looks great. And those were some great deals you got. Good for you!!!

  3. OMG, that chicken looks good enough to eat!


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