12-13-10 Monday (Tactical Applications)

I’m taking a different tactic with my resume.  I’ve scaled it back quite a bit with a whole lot less emphasis on management.  I’m not necessarily looking for a management position, nor am I looking to be in the same automotive business I was (I’m not opposed).   I think prospective employers were looking at my application and then my employment history and feeling I was just settling.  Fact is, so many positions I apply for I’m excited about.  Let’s say I apply for a warranty administrator at a major appliance company here in Charlotte.  What are they thinking when they see the last my history being a manager for the past 15 years?   I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the changes I made will bring me to a fantastic job!

Important Resume

During yesterday’s blog entry, I mentioned Souper Salad.  As typical, I find the company’s website and link it to the blog.  While on their website, I decided to leave a comment/survey.  Later in the day, Enis, a manager from the location I visited called to discuss my comments.  While I was on the phone with her, call waiting chimed.  I asked her to hold and switched over.  The district manager was on the line.  I told him I was talking to Enis.  He called me later again after I finished up with Enis.  2 phone calls?  Sometimes I get nothing from companies.  No responses.  Nada.  I’m impressed with Souper Salad’s management. 

I’ve probably mentioned it in the past – some dollar stores are not as cheap as you think.  While at Dollar Tree the other day I saw Betty Crocker 10.25 oz Brownie Mix for $1.00.  I thought it was a good deal so I bought it.  Today while at Walmart I priced it at 92 cents!  Ugh.  Later, I stopped into a Harris Teeter grocery store and they had the same thing for 4/$5.00 ($1.25) and I think that was “on sale”.  Walmart wins again.

As a matter of fact, several times I’ve compared prices at dollar stores and was disappointed.  Family Dollar and Dollar General seem to have products that are specially packaged for them.  They often carry sizes slightly smaller.  So, for example, when a product comes in 2 sizes, you price out the small size.  While at a grocery store you check the price of small item A and see that it’s more money.  Oh, so it was a deal at the dollar store after all?  Nope, the sizes are different.  This has happened to me several times so I always check/compare by the exact size.  

Lastly – I made a pork loin in the Showtime.  It was delicious.  Tender.  Very juicy.  I don’t think I’d make it any other way in the future.  It was a little salty though but still flavorful.  I seasoned it with Adobo (I love on pork), sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some garlic powder which was possibly garlic salt. 


Pork loin in the Ronco Showtime

I forgot to take an “after” photo of it.  I cooked it at 20 minutes a pound.  The roast was 2.89 lbs or something like that.

DIH - Open Arms 2008: It was a 9 comment entry.  We didn’t really do anything but I did complain a lot.  Imagine that.

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  1. That pork definitely sounds tasty!! I might be a little jealous of that contraption...

    I always ilke it when a company takes customer service seriously. There are places I am fiercly loyal to because of how they handle the mistakes that were made.

  2. You are so right about discount store things. You really have to know your shopping to compare if it is really a deal. And I don't buy food products there. To often they are expired or close to.
    That roast looks amazing !!! Thanks Garret, now I am hungry.
    Good luck with your new resume's. Maybe you should send one to Souper Salad?

  3. Of course it was juicy! You put adobo, (contains salt) sea salt, and garlic salt on it. That's why it tasted salty!
    Salt holds on to water making meat juicer.

  4. @Liz: I think it was only $59. Buy one!

    @Jodie: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm food.

    @Wayne: I'm not sure if I used garlic powder or salt because it was transferred into a different container at some point. Next time I'll skip the sea salt. ;-)

  5. With being a consultant I usually have to job hunt twice a year. I end up having several versions of it for different types of jobs... Don't take too much out of the resume, just try to rephrase things differently...

    How easy is the showtime to clean? I see you have foil in it?


  6. @Derek: I made Facility Manager into Service Consultant. I changed Service Manager to Customer Service/ Service Sales.

    My Mom and Dad say they throw the Showtime pieces into the dishwasher. Twice it's not come clean that way and I've had to scrub it. I attribute that to the terrible dishwasher we have. The foil idea I read about on the web and cover as much as I can with foil making it an easy cleanup.

    Walmart carries a toaster over/ convention oven/ rotisserie all in one for like $45. I'm not sure how those are.


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