10-16-10 Thursday (Eat A Cookie Before Someone Drops A House On You)

Mom and I got up and moving fairly early this morning.   The bad thing about the room is that the sink is next to her bed.  Overall being quiet is difficult.  I couldn’t drink coffee without making noise.  The cellophane wrapper on the coffee cups, the coffee maker brewing, the bathroom fan, the lack of light.  It all led to me being a noisy roommate.  I tried.  I tried to be quiet.  I did.  Maybe tonight I’ll have everything as ready to go as possible. By the way, this is a long post with a multitude of photos!

More views from our room:

2010-12-16 0162010-12-16 0142010-12-16 015

My Aunt is the master of Rainbow Cookie making.  I’ve made them before but they weren’t perfect.  Most of the “wrongness” was the way they looked.  They just came out sloppy looking.  If I remember the flavor was right.  My Aunt said she’d whip me up a batch!  Over the past 2 days, Mom and I have stopped into 3 stores to get the almond paste needed.  When we hit the jackpot, my mouth began to water with anticipation.  My pants shrank.  Why has my belt shrunk too? 


Lunch at An-Annie’s first:

2010-12-16 020Above: Me (Garret for you new readers), Andrea, and Kevin.  I brought hats with me.

2010-12-16 017Above: Kevin and Andrea make sandwiches.

2010-12-16 018Above: An-Annie makes her very yummy French Onion Soup for tonight.

2010-12-16 019Above: Trying to catch Andrea in the midst of eating.

I dropped my Mom off.   Andrea, Kevin and I set out to finish up their Christmas shopping. 

2010-12-16 023Above: Kevin at the Italian Bakery.

2010-12-16 024Above: Andrea at Walmart.

When we got back, a full tray of Rainbow cookies was born!  Yay!  I’ll have some tonight.

Mom and I returned to the hotel so she could take a nap.  First we strolled the Springmaid Beach Pier (as seen from our hotel room).  It was pretty cold so we only walked 3/4 of it.  That was enough.

2010-12-16 028


2010-12-16 029Above: That’s our hotel in the background.  Our room is on the left side of the U shaped building.

2010-12-16 030


2010-12-16 031


2010-12-16 032Above: Another shot of the hotel.

2010-12-16 033Above: A shot of the pretty sky from the hotel room.

Nap time is over.  Back to my Aunt’s house for wine, French Onion Soup and Rainbow Cookies!

2010-12-16 025Above: The gang said my Mom’s shoes looked like witches shoes so this shot illustrates that point a little more.  Who needs a couch when you have a heavy sofa?  Mom?  You OK?

2010-12-16 034Above: Kevin.

2010-12-16 035Above: Andrea.

2010-12-16 036Above: Andrea checks out the wine ingredients.

2010-12-16 038Above: Kevin.  Maybe he’s trying to hide?

2010-12-16 039Above: The inside of a wine bottle.  The inside of a beer bottle is really cool, see it here.

2010-12-16 040Above: Andrea – serious about her wine.  This stuff was good!

2010-12-16 041Above: Rainbow Cookie time!  Mine, mine, mine!

2010-12-16 042


2010-12-16 043


2010-12-16 044Above: Kolby (Andrea and Kevin’s son) trying to eat some of my cookies.

2010-12-16 045

2010-12-16 051

2010-12-16 046


2010-12-16 047Above: Mom

2010-12-16 048Above: In my best Italian NY accent: “You wanna leave the cookies alone or get hurt?”

2010-12-16 049Above: OK, I’ll share… a few.2010-12-16 058Above: Cookies and wine.

We had a great time!  We leave tomorrow but we’ll have a few hours of visiting before we depart.


  1. Rainbow cookies, wow! I've never had any before. wish I could just blink and they'd appear. :-) I've come by visiting from Java's Follow Friday. Thanks for a fun time. Merry Christmas!

  2. I like going to resorts "off season". Quiet and laid back. You can make your own fun with out as many "stupid people" around :)

    I assume Kevin is Garret's brother and Andrea is Kevin's wife?

  3. @Su: Hi! Merry Christmas to you too and thanks so much for stopping by!

    @Derek: Andrea is my "cousin". Kevin is her husband.

  4. Looks like a great trip with lots of fun!!

    Next time you get such an awesome hotel deal, maybe you can get 2 rooms instead of 1?

    So are you usually a sweet wine consumer?

  5. @Liz: Yes, Jim and I are both loving the Barefoot Sweet Red served cold. My cuz bought Liberty Creek Sweet Red and loved it for even cheaper.


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