12-22-10 Wednesday (Acuracy Is Extremly Important)

My employment applications continue.  I applied for Sprint off of a careerbuilder.com listing but wondered if it was bogus.  Here’s an excerpt of the instructions:


The second paragraph has at least 3 spelling errors.  I sincerely hope I didn’t get to some identity theft thing but it was all too elaborate in my opinion.  Spelling errors always seem to be a major giveaway to me.   I retraced my steps and it differs.  Careerbuilder vs. Sprint directly.  I think I’ll be fine.  I hope…

I dropped Mom off at a nail salon and continued on to Walmart for some Christmas dinner fixings.  Ruby will be joining us for Christmas dinner!  She’s going to bring HOMEMADE cheesecake, and a sausage dip appetizer.  She’s an excellent cook so I’m looking forward to it. 

Mom and I went to Bloom to check out their prime rib roasts.  I opted for no bone versus a standing rib roast so that it would fit well in the rotisserie.  I’ve been obsessing over it for a week.     We got it for $6.99 a pound without the bone.  It was on sale for $5.99 – bone in.  I’ve never made it and I don’t want to ruin it.  I’ve been doing research on how long to cook, what spices, tips/tricks, etc.  I came up with this website which seems to have a lot of information.  Some of it is conflicting with user comments, like salt or no salt.  I think I’ll salt.  Any suggestions?


  1. I'd salt- there are some great recipes that include serious salt rubs or even marinades and coatings. Definitely salt.

    The spelling errors are funny- and frustrating.

  2. Best standing rib roast I ever had was cooked in "set it and forget it". Good Luck

  3. @Liz: Anoying to speel things rong especialy from a large companie. Thanks for the salt tip.

    @Pat: I've had one from a rotisserie and it was delish. Can't wait to do one myself. Yum!

  4. Mmmm.. Hot Beef! I like roasting beef with herbs, but not sure you could with the Showtime.. little rosemary....

    I hate how many of the companies on careerbuilder transfer you to their own websites with their own version of crazy job application....

  5. I've never cooked one before so I'm no help. I did, however, want to stop in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Good luck on your job search. May 2011 be the year of finding one that you love!


  6. @Derek, I can use spices in the Showtime. I've seen some people rub Olive Oil on it for the spices to stick. Anyone got thoughts on that?

    @Candace: Thanks and you do the same!

  7. On Christmas Eve. John and I went to Olive Garden. 6 pm, no wait... a miracle in itself! I had the Chianti Braised Short Ribs. oh. my. god. It was almost better than sex! John had the Stuffed Chicken Marsala. Tiramisu to go.

    On Christmas, we had ham, mashed potatoes and glazed apples.


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