12-12-10 Sunday (Dumpster Diving)

Mom spent the day in and out of bed “recovering” from yesterdays adventures.  Jim and I went to lunch at Souper Salad.  It’s a soup and salad bar.  The food was good, many toppings and salads available.  The décor and general ambiance- not so much.  The place needs some major updating.  The restroom wasn’t as maintained as I think a restaurant should be.  I might consider giving it another try.  Maybe.

Jim lined up a bunch of houses/neighborhoods for he and I to check out.  As we checked out a neighborhood he spotted this house off in the distance.

2010-12-12 0032010-12-12 002

There’s several in a row; most are empty.  We peeking in the windows.  I love it.  They’re just a bit lot out of our price range.  Here’s the website the sign says to visit which includes pricing, interior photos and the like.

Some how Jim saw a hot tub supply place with what looked like hot tub covers in their trash pile.  We need a new cover for ours or at least new foam.  Ours didn’t do well in storage so the cover sags and water pools on top of it.  With the weight of the water on the cover, it sometimes brakes even more.  Anyway, we stopped by the trash pile, and checked out an old cover with good guts.  It won’t fit in the BMW so we went home to get the Jeep and return to dumpster dive.  It was now dark and I felt like a criminal.  We got the old cover, strapped it to the roof and went home.  We removed the crappy vinyl from it and put the foam in the garage to dry out (it seemed water-logged).  An interesting adventure.

We checked on Mom again.  She declined going out for dinner but when she found out we were going to Five Guys, she requested a burger be brought back.  Who can resist their burgers?   Now remember, we’re in Charlotte, NC and came from Fort Myers, FL.  Here’s a sign hanging up in the restaurant:

2010-12-12 004

Cool, huh? 

I took a picture of our tree in the dark.  Here it is:


Shit.  Sorry.   Let me put the lights on.

2010-12-12 005

A friend I haven’t seen or talked to in uhhhh forever recently found me on Facebook.  We’ve been chatting and she scanned and emailed 2 photos of me.  These would be late 80’s early 90’s.

Me - Jenni's pic 1Me - Jenni's pic 2

Yes, yes, I know I was cute, adorable, studly or whatever other terms of endearment you were thinking.  Watch it!

DIH - With Alix On this date in 2009: We went rental shopping in Charlotte.  We decide on the rental we’re in now and not the huge one with a bidet. 

On this date in 2010: Caulkenstein growled at me.  We went to Seattle and did an underground tour, and then a boat tour.  We had a very busy day of sightseeing while our RV awning had a busy day too.  We lost an awning!


  1. That has to be one of the creepiest moustaches I've ever seen...

    I think you should call for an appt to see that house. It's odd looking but I'm intrigued, too. I want to know all 130 green/eco features...

  2. Cute pics of you in the 80's. Think I had the same blue shirt you were wearing in the second photo.


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