12-18-10 Saturday (International Foods Day)

For a Saturday, it’s really not all that exciting.  Mom was in bed for most of the day.  Jim and I, armed with a list set out to house shop and have lunch.  As we drove to the first house, it was lightly raining which turned into sleet and then into snow.  The snow flakes got bigger.  We decided to swap the BMW with the Jeep, just in case.

2010-12-18 0022010-12-18 001

Mom got to see it snow several times throughout the day so that was a plus for her but she went back to bed. 

Jim wanted to try a fun sounding French Bakery for lunch.  Amelie's.  When we arrived, the place was hoping.  We stood at a register in front of a display case and we were unsure of what we were supposed to do.  Order then sit?  Sit then someone takes the order?  Wait to be seated?  I asked at the counter.  The clerk seemed a little impatient.  I didn’t really get that warm fuzzy feeling.  “Does anything come with the sandwich?” I asked.  I was just given a simple “no”.  Not a “no, sorry.” or “No, but the sandwiches are big (which they weren’t)”.  We ordered and then walked around to find a table.  The place is a hodge-podge of different styles of tables and even more so was the maze of walls and rooms all strangely connected.  The decor reminded me of Bizaare Ave Café.  I liked the décor, don’t get me wrong. 

2010-12-18 0052010-12-18 0032010-12-18 004

My sandwich = Turkey and Bacon.  Roasted turkey, sliced bacon and cheddar cheese on a croissant with Herb de Provence mayonnaise. (Below)

2010-12-18 006

Jim’s = Roasted Turkey, Brie and a cranberry relish on a buttered baguette. (Below)

2010-12-18 007

We enjoyed the food and the interesting décor/ambiance.  We’d go back again.

Continuing with house hunting, we found another neighborhood we liked.  We’ll check that area frequently.

Since we had a light lunch, we were hungry early.  Mom joined us for dinner at Olive Garden.  I’m ashamed at what we ate.  Holy crap did we put away some food.  That’s all I’ll say.

After dinner, Jim looked up another house on the internet and we decided to go check out the neighborhood at night.  We knew the area is iffy but the house was deep inside the neighborhood.  It turned out the neighborhood seemed to have very well kept homes and seems like it could be perfect.  We’ll have to go look around at the house during the day.

Mom retired early, Jim and I watched TV.  See ya tomorrow.


  1. That french bakery place looks cute. The food would have to be really good, though, for me to go back if the staff is cold. If I run into cold, rude staff where I'm spending my money, I don't go back. Sorry to be such a bitch, but you do what you do best...

  2. Amelie's looks like a great little place. Hopefully the service is better next time you go!

  3. If that was a French bakery, maybe the staff was supposed to be rude. Glad your food was good though.

    I'm not as crazy about Olive Garden as everyone else. I find it to be ok. Now, take me to Red Lobster, and watch me do some damage!


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