12-19-10 Sunday (Buffet Pricing)

Well, I took the plunge and stepped on the scale this morning.  Naked.  Before eating.  189.6!  I’m 3 pounds shy of gaining all my weight back.  Terrible.  To celebrate we’ll go to a breakfast BUFFET this morning at Golden Corral.  I suck.

We’re back and much heavier than before.  At the buffet there was a whole lotta inappropriate spandex wearin’ goin’ on.  Jim said you need a license to drive, you should need a weight check prior to buying spandex.

While at the buffet, Mom saw a table with several kids.  My mom asked how much kids cost.  I replied, “Why?  You wanna buy one?”  (snort, snort)

We dropped by the house we liked.  The backyard is almost all pool and not much grass for the dog so we’re concerned about that.  We’d have to create more green space.  We’d also need to see the inside before anything else! 

I did some laundry.  Jim napped.  Mom napped.  I job hunted.  I applied for a few things.

Reused Resume

Snow update!  There is none.

I haven’t mentioned Carl and Tim lately.  They went “home” to Florida.  They decided to surprise everyone there so I had to keep it out of the blog.  Most of the time they just showed up at friends houses for the ultimate in surprise.  They’ll be back early January and then – well, we’re just not sure yet.

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  1. Maybe they will "surprise" you with their return?

    When Jeff's parents lived in Cape Coral, we used to go to Buddy Freddy's at least once each visit. And every time we went, we were overcome by the spandex, heavy make up, low cut, and generally baring it all outfits we saw each time. It's an ongoing joke- if I put on make up or Jeff shaves or if Jeff walks out of the bathroom in just undies, we'll crack a joke about being all gussied up to bo to Buddy Freddy's.

  2. Hi! Remember me?

    Garret, old buddy old chum, I feel your pain. Diet maintenance is harder than dieting. I said it before and I'll say it again. ESPECIALLY during the holidays.

    Not to mention the new Weight Watchers program takes a little getting used to. Jury is still out on whether or not I like the plan. Will get back to it in earnest on January first - just not sure if I'll stick with the "old" POINTS system or the new Points Plus. Luckily my workouts are keeping me pretty steady. I try to run or power walk six miles each day and add in weight training three days a week. For me, it's all about keeping the old bod moving. Plus, cooking at Publix twice a week is a lot of hours on my feet and a lot of moving around. I think I may have even dropped a pound or two. But have no fear... the champagne and Christmas cookies will more than make up for that!

    Wishing you and Jim and Tim and Carl and all your beloved friends and family a most happy and blessed Christmas. I love you dearly.

  3. I so totally fell off the Nutrisystem wagon, I'm surprised I didn't hurt myself in the process. My plan is to climb back on Jan 1. I wish I had a Wii system here so I could get a Wii Fit Plus. Guess I'll have to drag out my Turbo Jam DVDs and start there. I'm beginning to feel OLD!! And I hate that!


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