12-23-10 and 12-24-10

It’s been a busy few days yet I can’t think of anything that kept me from blogging.  Maybe a lack of interest, perhaps a lack of interesting topics or just that Mom and I didn’t really do much.

Thursday she made a lasagna for Friday’s (Christmas Eve) dinner.

2010-12-23 001

2010-12-23 002

Below is a picture of Jim’s creativeness.  He apparently got tired of all the Christmas hats (there’s 2 more in the living room other than this photo) laying around so he “arranged” them before he left for work.  I was impressed.  He just hung them on candle holders and on vases in the living room. 

2010-12-23 003

Jim and I have a tradition of going out on Christmas Eve, going to the mall, eating junk food and just getting in everyone’s way.  Mom joined us this year.  We ate lunch at the food court, walked around, browsed and people watched.  People watching should be a sport.  I love it. 

We took Mom home so she could nap.  Jim and I went to another mall and did some more walking around and observing.  Below, I spotted these at Dillard’s.  The flatware is “Artimino Crystal”.  The salesperson said a place setting of 4 was $150.  Now it’s $100 and she said it would be $50 after the first of the year.  I think it’s being clearanced out.  We almost impulse bought it.  We resisted.

2010-12-24 0082010-12-24 007

We don’t need it anyway.  We need to scale back what we have!

After the mall we returned home to have lasagna.  Yum.  Unrelated:

2010-12-24 0042010-12-24 005

As we ate dinner, we put on the Yule log station on TV, lit the real fireplace and had dueling fireplaces as a result:

2010-12-24 010


  1. you found a yule log station on TV? cool!

  2. That pic of Dasher's tongue is INSANE!

    I used to work retail and still have Xmas Eve flashbacks... I might be able to confront my bad memories... someday... for now, I stay away from malls on Xmas Eve.

  3. OMG I love that silverware! ....Or Jewelware? Whatever. It's a bit flashy, but with the right dishes it could rock.

    Happy holidays to you and your enormous tounged dog.


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